Thursday, April 26, 2007

Feeling better!

Thanks to everyone who sent get well wishes! It is such a wonderful thing to know you have friends in life. Thank you so much. I went back to work today, no fever, still have a stuffy nose and my asthma is back again under control. I have to be careful when I get sick, my asthma can make a tiny cold turn to pneumonia in a blink of the eye.
We had a perfect Team of Excellence notebook at my school! I'm the nutrition team leader so I was proud. This was my first year of being in charge of it! Very happy because now the cafeteria staff will earn a $700 bonus! The girls were glad to see me today to find out whether we did good or not.
I finished Anglyn's graduation piece. I will find a way to post the picture tomorrow. You see, I have 2 teen boys that have misplaced the digital camera charger. So I can't charge the camera to take my picture. Err!
Eagle day is approaching quickly. Tomorrow we have to make 5 notebooks to take to the board. I've got to pick up 5 notebooks tomorrow, plus make 125 copies. Each book must have his proposal in it.
Any suggestions on a quick stitchy piece for a lady who is retiring from the lunchroom? She loves the color lavender. Ms. Jetty is around 73 years old. I sure hope I'm still active like she is at that age.
Well, Johnny's rubbing it in that I need to go to bed, I have work tomorrow. He is off for a 3 day weekend. he is very happy about that.
Until later!


Vonna said...

Glad you're feeling better :)
What about one of those Lizzie Kate Freebies from her Friendship Grows or Bloom...they are sweet when stitched up and fast!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

So glad you are better!