Friday, April 13, 2007

Insurance is the pits!

Due to stupid human error, not on my side, but on the insurance's side, my test was cancelled due to the fact they thought I didn't have a certification number. Once they realized their mistake after turning me away, they have rescheduled my ct scan for Monday. So I really don't have much news, still hurting on my right side. The only thing with pain meds is that you sleep too much. I've been holding off to take my meds for later tonight. I started a new stitching project, which I will post later this weekend. Hope to be awake long enough to stitch on it.
John will be off next week due to a slow down at work, hope his mini vacation as he calls it won't last too long. Our bills like money too much. haha
I'm gonna try to go to my niece's birthday party tomorrow. I'll post pictures tomorrow night. My brother and my parents are going with me. John's working out in his wood shop, so the master woodsman must not be disturbed during his creative time. At least he is making us a wood bowl.
Well, off to take shower and rest some.


Cheryl said...

How annoying about your test! Looking forward to seeing your new start. Hope your weekend is good and you're not in too much pain

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

So sorry about the test! I hope you don't have much if any pain until Monday. Praying for you!