Thursday, May 31, 2007

Class almost over!

My class is almost finished. Friday will be my last day for class. Yeah! I am gonna sleep in! The one trainer suggested taking another class later this summer! Are you kidding? Nah, I told her that I'm not in any hurry to be manager. :) Much to her dismay. Oh well, I don't want to spend my whole summer going to class and having to study.
I have just about finished my square. I've worked on it all week during my lunch break at school. I still have to stitch my name square. I'm very excited about the exchange. Pins and needles!
Got the boy's report cards in the mail today. Very happy with grades. Jason managed to pull a 8o B average overall. Thank goodness. Jacob on the other hand, out of 675 students, he ranks number 32! Way to go Jacob. Straight A student, AP courses and honors student. We are hoping for scholarships to help with college.
I know Jason will most likely attend a tech like school, where as Jacob will go to college. They are so different. Jason hates school. Jacob loves it! Jacob is ready to go back now. He complains he's bored already.
Well, I guess I should start thinking about what to fix for dinner. Beef and noodles sounds good.
Till later!

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Vonna said...

Hurray for your sons! They have great achievements with those good grade cards :)

You are nearly done with your square?! Golly! You work fast!