Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ms.Jetty's gift and wip!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day, my family treated me to a good day, they knew better not to forget me this year. (And yes, my boys did forget me last year!) I am a much happier momma this year.

I have been working on a present for Ms. Jetty at work, she is retiring this year. I will miss her! Her nickname for me is FlossieMay. Ms. Jetty is in her 70's. She won't tell the exact number though. I stitched her a bread cloth, I'm gonna make some homemade bread for her also. I'm also working on a little something for someone. Hope she likes it when it gets completed!

We are down to 6 days of school left! Yee haw! I can't wait! I need a vacation!

Well, Cheryl tagged me, so I'll post that next! I have to move to the other computer, most of my favs are on the other computer. I haven't figured out how to link these two computers together.

ps: These are flowers that Johnny planted for me! They are doing wonderfully!


Cheryl said...

Love the pictures of the flowers and that's a great retirement gift for your friend

stitcherw said...

The breadcloth looks lovely, it should be a lovely present along with some homemade bread. The flowers were beautiful too, so glad you had a nice mothers day.