Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One Happy Chicken!

School's out for summer! I'm very thrilled and jubilant! I do have to take a class next Tuesday thru Friday, some menu planning class. Yes, even the lunchroom ladies need to stay current and it helps me toward assistant manager one day.
Tomorrow morning Jacob and I will be up at the high school helping with the new upcoming 9th grade band members. They practice marching and such. I'll be figuring out uniform sizes and thinking of new flags for the color guard!

I am very disappointed that Apolo won last night. Boo hoo for Joey. I voted for him. Oh well, now I don't have anything to watch on tv. More stitching time!

Boo Boo Kitty tried to catch a baby bunny last night. Johnny and I saved the poor bunny. I can't believe he tried to catch a bunny. Boo boo is fat, so I never worried about him being able to catch something, guess I was wrong.

Well, everyone enjoy your evening! I sure am!



Cheryl said...

That's a lovely photo! You can tell how happy you are about being on holiday! Scottish schools don't finish 'til the end of June, English schools are even later (end of July)

Vonna said...

Look at your BIG smile :)
HURRAY school's out!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Never underestimate a fat kitty! LOL! Love the photo and that big, sweet smile!

Marie-P said...

I really like it when people post a picture of themself on their blog (even though I don't)...You look SO HAPPY :D.