Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quick post for the night!

It's almost midnight, just finished baking 7 dozen cookies for my band kids. practice bright and early tomorrow at 8am. What am I thinking? I should be in bed sleeping. I have a headache, so it's hard to sleep when your head hurts. Tried to stitch, but that made it worse. So baking seemed like the thing to do. Jacob helped me before he crashed for the night.
He is learning a new instrument to march with, the French Horn, now, you have to understand, I'm not to thrilled by this change. 3 years of private clarinet lessons, to this change my hubby doesn't feel will benefit Jacob. We lost 23 band members to graduation this year. Most of all were horn players. So Harkness(band director) puts this little bug in Jacob's ear about how he needs the holes filled in the marching field lines. Jacob will still play clarinet in symphonic band and for allstate tryouts and the like, but, I think that it might be too much to expect in less than 8 weeks time for him to learn and play like he's been playing that instrument all along.
You have got to be good enough to make allstate to qualify for a scholarship for college. I don't want Jacob to ruin his chance, just to make a band director look good on the field during halftime. I've said my piece. It's been bothering me all day.
Vonna, I left a post on Fair and Square about my address. Your email address didn't work. Please send me something else so I can re add your address to my address book.
I guess I'll head off to bed.

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Kendra said...

Wow, switching from a reed instrument to a horn seems like a big step! Our director wouldn't switch instruments, even if it meant he would have some "odd" instruments in a line.

Ahh, marching band talk...I've been out of high school for 13 years, but I still love talking about marching band! Band camp was a great way to keep in shape and get a decent tan! LOL!