Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday evening , and all calm!

Today has been such a restful day for me, even though I had 11 people over for dinner. I double invited my friend Leila and her kids plus my brother to a cookout. Then nephew showed up, then sweet Angelynn dropped by. I am hoping that my brother and Leila will hit it off. I'm trying to play cupid. Everything seemed to go well, Patrick brought flowers for Leila, she loved that gesture. I did too. Thumbs up to my brother! Hamburgers and hotdogs, homemade mac and cheese, my famous fudge cake, Jacob would eat just the frosting if I let him.
I am sending off a birthday surprise to someone soon! I hope she likes it!
My kitty Daisy is such a good kitty, she let all those kids hold and play with her today. She is wiped out! It is almost 8:30 pm here in GA. I want to stitch! So everyone have a great evening!

ps:Cheryl, glad you signed up for Fair and Square!

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Cheryl said...

Oh me too! I can't wait to start :)