Saturday, June 30, 2007

Start of SB Ornament/Liberty update.

Well, Liberty will not get finished in time for the 4th. That's ok, I'm still waiting on the sparkly thread for that one. I will finish it once I get my threads. I started a Shepherd's Bush Christmas ornament from the JCS ornament collection. I have been wanting to do those, I got sparked by the Christmas Ornament Stitch A Long blog.

I'm still waiting on my linen for my round robin, it needs to hurry on get here! I want to have plenty of time to get my grid stitched.

Our band director wants me to make 34 flags for the color guard. I really don't think I'll have time though. I did tell him in May, that if we might consider flags I'd need to start then, not wait till July. We don't even have a swatch or pattern. What does the guy think I can do. You see, last band season I was the seamstress for the band, I hemmed over 40 pairs on pants and shorten arms on the uniforms, I worked myself sick to get those stupid uniforms ready before the first game. I only had 2 weeks. My husband has already decided that I will not be making these flags, because after camp I'll be starting the hemming jobs all over again with new kids coming up into the ninth grade.

Don't ever let the school know you know how to sew! You will be hounded by every group there is!

My nieces will be coming tomorrow evening. Get ready Jacob!

Well, I'm gonna go supervise John while he works on our flower bed! hehehe

Till later,


Friday, June 29, 2007

No post yesterday due to a boo boo.

I was doing lawn work in the yard cutting the grass when I must have stirred up a yellow jackets nest. Didn't know it until I got the first bee sting. OMG! Let me tell you, I've never run so fast in my life. I was stung 6 times, now that I think about it, it's kinda funny, here is this crazy woman running and tearing off hat, gloves, shoes and trying to get her shorts off in the side yard as fast as she can, I get to the back porch, her two teens are like what's wrong? I'm stomping around trying to get the bees off me, crying, both teens are now excited and telling me to calm down, how can I be calm, I've got a bee stinging me! Fast forward to later, bath, alcohol rubs on all bee stings, Benedryl, I'm almost out like a light when my hubby comes home.
He's gonna gas the nest, show me where you stepped on them. I said, just follow the trail of clothes. I wouldn't let the boys get my stuff till later, let the bees calm down.
I slept till 9:15 this morning. Hand and leg are doing better, at least the swelling around the eye is gone. I have decided that I dislike bees!
My plan is to start my Christmas ornament while I wait on my floss and linen to come in. Hope to have a uneventful day.
Continued thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday!
Till later,
ps: no pictures today, my boys wanted to take a picture of bee stings, I was like-no way!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thank you Vonna!

Look what Vonna made for me! I am so happy! I love it, I got 2 packages in the mail today, one from Vonna and one from Margaret. It has been 3 days of birthday joy for me. I have been wanting one of those little tins that I've seen posted on Vonna's blog and now I have one! (It will make it easier for me to make one now that I can see one in person, I'm a visual learner!)

I love sheep! It is perfect. Thank you Vonna for taking the time to make me something special! I have been blessed to make wonderful friends thru this blogging community!

I also received my Fair & Square square from Margaret, it is just so me! I love it! Center square on my quilt girlfriend! I'm excited for the next round to start. I wonder who I'll get next?

I also got this super dish from my Moma and another Jim Shore kitty. Plus I went cross stitch shopping yesterday. I ordered my linen for my round robin, I had to buy a kit from Shepherds Bush, "The Goblins", I am such a Halloween nut! Floss for my SB ornaments that I'm starting, plus some linen to get me started. Today I bought my favorite perfume "Beautiful" from Estee Lauder. If Johnny only knew how much money I've spent, I would be in trouble! hehehe

Sorry this is such a long blog! So much to be excited about!

Till later!


Monday, June 25, 2007

What A Wonderful Birthday!

I want to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes and to Anna, girl, you rock! I was speechless this morning when I received your email with the gift to Mary Kathryn's! I ordered that book plus a couple Little House Needleworks pattern. My husband was like, she doesn't even know you, I said, yes she does! She's my cross stitch buddy! He said I was special. Of course I am.

My kids gave me goodies, Jason took me out to lunch, gave me a Q Snap, Jacob gave me a cross stitch pattern and my newest Jim Shore figurine, John gave me flowers, the aquarium trip, money for new cross stitch goodies, he grilled out dinner for me tonight. Jason even baked my birthday cake. I have been blessed by family and friends! Thank you all for the best day! 41 ain't so bad. (I still get pressies from the rest of my family tomorrow when my Mom and Dad take me out for lunch! Wahoo! I'm spoiled!)

I'm gonna turn in for the night!

Thanks again everyone!


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update on Liberty & Family

Today is Sunday, I'm bushed. Yesterday just about did me in, Jacob and I went Eagle Project searching at our local park. Jason spent the night with his buddy Neil, while they were out exploring the neighborhood, Jason fell down a manhole! What were they doing! Honest Mom, I didn't see the hole! (I wasn't born yesterday) He tore up his leg, at least he didn't break it. My nephew, the one with most his head shaved, asked me to buzz his head. He is gearing up for the Navy, he's heck bent to join. Lord, watch over him, he's very impulsive. Jacob practicing the mellophone, camp is just in a few weeks.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 41 years old. Boo hoo, hoo. I just hate the thought of wrinkles. I keep Oil of Olay in business! haha

My boys are taking me to Hobby Lobby so I can pick out some cross stitch goodies. Yeah!

Liberty I fear may not get totally completed, I can not find a Kreinik color Platinum to finish, I need to substitute maybe.

Well, I need to go stitch some more. My round robin has started, I'm hoping to get my linen this week. I want a hand dyed color called African Daisy. If my local shop doesn't have it, I'll order it from Stitching Bits and Bobs.

Till later, sorry so long!


Friday, June 22, 2007

GA Aquarium Photos

We had such a great time! I loved the sea otters. John bought me a stuffed otter. The whales were wonderful and I plan to go back. We have been wanting to get a salt water aquarium for a long time now. It just makes me want one sooner than later. We had a family picture taken and as soon as I figure out how to put it on the computer I'll post that picture of us at the aquarium.

On the stitching front, the round robin is ready to go, I'm figuring out the stitch order and waiting on one more address, then we can start.

I need to figure out my amount of linen, then I'm going shopping!

Well, Jacob is begging me to hurry up, he wants to use this computer, the other computer does not have Microsoft Office loaded on it. So, I'll let him use the computer I guess.

Will post again tomorrow!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Girls go home today.

Life will get back to normal, I will be glad to rest. I am tired. I know my youngest son Jacob will be glad to have his time back. They love their Jacob. We went to the park today and both boys went with us, then we went to Burger King to eat and play. Caroline can quickly make a buddy anywhere go. Madeleine is more reserved and shy.

I have worked a tiny bit on my Liberty, need to get stitching as July 4th is coming upon me fast. Monday is my birthday, so for a early birthday present we are going to the GA Aquarium tomorrow. I love the otters. I hope to see them during our visit.

I plan to go to the cross stitch shop hopefully next week. I'm also gonna order from Mary Kathryn's shop. Birthday present spending time for me!

Well, I need to load up the little girls to take them to Grammy's and Papa's. Post later.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Family Update

Yesterday was John's birthday, he had to work, poor guy, took a couple of pictures of last night's affair. Judy, your girls are doing good today. I got them both a new Beanie Babies. We are gonna go to the pool today.

I didn't get to stitch much today, I'm gonna try to stitch this evening while the girls are at VBS, this church doesn't have anything for the adults, so I'll just wait up there while the girls are having some fun. It's a Knights in Shining Armour theme.

Just waiting on replies from the rr group before we can get started! I haven't decided what color of linen I want to do yet. I'm hoping to get my linen for around $75 dollars. I think I need 1 1/2 yards if I'm correct.

Well, the girls are chomping at the bit to go to the pool! See ya later!


ps~the other cat I'm holding is Boo, he is a huge kitty!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Update on Liberty and Daisy!

Have been working on Liberty alittle, I'm hoping that I have it finished in time for the 4th of July. My nieces are coming to visit us again for the next couple of days. I picked out a small needlepoint kit for Madeleine to do, last week she wanted to help me with my cross stitch and I figured it would make her happy to have her own kit to work with.

My kitty Daisy will not like the girls being here though. They love her, but Daisy didn't like it last week when they visited. They just want to hold her and touch her, too much for Daisy to handle.

I think I'm doing alright with the round robin, just wanting to see if Anna's gonna do it with us. I'd love for her to participate. Tanya will maybe do a later one. That's ok, she has a new baby, I must really be getting old. I love babies, but I'm so glad I'm not doing that again. Babysitting makes me tired! (Sorry Judy!) But I love my nieces and am glad to help out!

Edgar, if you can, don't forget to add your blog to the rr blog, I forgot to tell you that!

Tomorrow is John's birthday, I think he had a great Father's Day, he relaxed and we watched movies galore. I even made brownies just for him! I love you honey!

Well, it's getting late, time to get to bed, need to prepare for my nieces arrival tomorrow!


Friday, June 15, 2007

Beginning of Liberty

Finally have a little bit of Liberty started. I'm using DMC floss with metallic threads, only thing is I'm using smaller lengths of thread so the metallic doesn't fray. So more thread stops than normal. I like the way the red is turning out!

This weekend is my hubby's birthday, well Monday the 18th. I'm gonna go shopping for him tomorrow. I know he likes Stephen King, plus I'm gonna look for a wood turning book, he loves his wood lathe. The boys will probably do a Home Depot gift card. My birthday is coming up too. Our birthdays are always on the same day one week apart. He can't never say I forgot your birthday! haha.

I think we are getting close to to getting enough stitchers for my round robin. I'm trying to figure out if we should just do 4 stitchers or 6. Hey everyone, what do you think. We have three right now. I'm so pumped to get started, I don't want to wait. I've already been figuring out linen costs and picking LHN designs! hehe(see, I told you I was excited!)

Well, it's getting late, tomorrow is a busy day! Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What a day!

Funerals make you stand back and think, am I right with God? I have no doubt that I will go to heaven, but am I truly living in the way God would want me too? Uncle Andrew and Aunt Ruth have been a member of the same church for forever, over 20 odd years. I wish that John and I had that. I am gonna start looking for a church that we both can attend as a couple instead of me trying to struggle with being a catholic all my life. John is all for that too, so it gives me hope.

Now on to stitching, finally started my Liberty, I'll post a picture tomorrow, I hope to have at least the red stripes completed on the hat. I'm thinking that I'll take Jazzy with me to the cross stitch shop tomorrow. I need to start picking out some house patterns. I've got 3 signed up so far for the round robin. I'll be happy to have one more or 3 more. 6 is the number that I think we will close with.
Until tomorrow!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Check out the new blog!

Here is the new blog
Check it out! If you are interested email me your address so I can add you to the blog as a stitcher. I'd like at least 6 stitchers in the round robin. Plan on 32 count linen, 100 x 100, as a starting point!
Thanks again!

My Fair & Square Ready to Mail!

Here it is in all it's glory. Margaret I hope it passes muster. I tried so hard to keep the back of the stitching neat and tidy. I hope it looks ok.

I am working on my round robin blog. I'm in the process of setting up the blog. I've named it Heartfelt Friends Round Robin. I'll be sending invites to the ones that have expressed an interest! I'm very excited about the RR. Never have done one, but am looking forward to the experience.

I'm going to the post office tomorrow to mail out three packages. Anna, your package did not have enough stamps, so it came back to me, I don't even think it left GA. So I'm having it resend to you thru the post office. So here we go again!:)

I'm gonna have to make a Hobby Lobby run also to pick up some floss to start Liberty. I need 3 more flavors. I'm just not gonna stitch those areas until I get those colors.

Everyone have a great night!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Round robin Maybe!

Ok, here goes nothing. I'm gonna set up a blog tomorrow for potential round robiners. I've been investigating on how they run, I do believe that I can pull one off. It can't be too hard can it? (as I laugh nervously!) I'll have more to announce with the new blog later.

On a more somber note, John's Uncle Andrew passed away. The funeral will be Wednesday. Uncle Andrew has been sick for awhile now, and he had that Alzheimer's disease. I spent today fitting all my boys and hubby in funeral clothes. Jacob was fine, he is set to go with his suit. John needs to have a button moved over on his pants. Much to his horror! haha. Jason was the problem, he is such a big young man, the clothes shop Kohl's did not sell dress shirts big enough. The biggest neck size dress shirt was a 18 1/2 to 19. Wouldn't even button at the neck. So we went with a more causal approach. Dress pants with a dressy golf shirt. I am not happy just because I feel Jason will be under dressed. I don't have the extra money to take him to the Big and Tall shop out by the mall. So I hope that this will do.
Off to do more searching about round robins.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Too Much News to Handle!

This has been a whirlwind of the last few days. So much has happened! First off, keep Angelynn in your prayers! Angelynn and Jason were attacked the other night by a dog. The dog bite Angelynn's leg, Jason beat the dog off her(Jason was very lucky, he did not get bitten). I cleaned out the bite wounds while waiting on her parents to come take her to the hospital. The dog is now in quarantine, of course the owner of the dog did not keep the dog current on shots. We are hoping for a no rabies after 10 days. Good grief! Poor girl!

I kept my nieces for Thursday night and Friday night. I am so tired! I have kept a very busy and active schedule over these last two days. Now I know why I had my kids in my early 20s, after 30 you don't have as much energy to expend. I'll keep them again in 2 weeks. All week long this time! I'm helping my sister out, daycare costs are outrageous!

I have finished my square for Margaret! I plan to get it in the mail sometime this week. I'm thrilled with the block, here's a sneak peek of a PIF that is going to brighten somebody's day! She signed up a couple of month's back.

I want to know if anyone would be interested in doing a round robin with me? I can be in charge of the blog and stuff like that, but want to know if there are any takers out there. I've been noticing Vonna's round robin and I'd like to do one. So if your interested, blog me or email me!

I've all the flosses ready to start Liberty from Brooke's Books, that is my project for the night!

One small note!

Thank you to my sister Judy for buying me some great goodies at Abcdarius! I know you can't stand that shop! haha

Thank you to my girls for being so good and for spending some quality time with your Aunt Donna! I love you girls!

Till tomorrow! Sorry this is such a long post!


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today my son Jacob passed his learner's test. Oh dear, he wants to start practicing asap. I, on the other hand, want him to take it slowly. Teen drivers worry me. One of my dear friends from school lost her son last summer to a car wreck. Micheal was only 17. My friend has been forever changed by his death. I do not want to get a door knock late at night like she did. After his stunt a few weeks ago, makes me wary of him driving. Oh well, on to happier things.

My stitching is coming along great. I think I'm gonna start Brooke's Book's freebie "Liberty" that I downloaded today. I always have a 4th of July party, I hope to have it finished in time for my party. I pick up my floss Weeping Willow from the cross stitch shop tomorrow. I called them today to see if the floss had come in, and it had. So off to pick it up tomorrow! Should have my block for Margaret finished tomorrow evening. Yeah!
My nieces are coming to spend the night with me tomorrow. My sister will pick them up on Friday evening after her class. She is going back to school for her masters degree.
I will sign off for now, I want to gather up the materials for Liberty.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hi Margaret! It's all yours!

I'm so glad you liked it. I still have to stitch the little mountain piece that the lamb stands on, had to special order that floss from the shop, they were out. I'll be picking it up hopefully on Thursday! My hubby thought it was too cartoony, but I'm glad that you like it!
Never listen to your husbands ladies! He was the one who said it looked cartoony!
Vonna, this was a design from Crescent Colors, freebie design from the Stitcher's Showcase from last year! Make sure you check out the Hoffman website this week. I've already downloaded the freebies!
I'm still working on the next square, because I know this one who be a winner also! Super Star!
Off to stitch for awhile!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Peek at my square!

Here is a picture of the first square I did before I knew who my partner was. And yes I guess this one is cutesy. I love it though! Margaret, never fear! I am working on a spectacular one just for you.

Today was my true first day of summer. No class, no nothing, just a day spent doing what I wanted! Stitching! My SIL Cathy is coming over tomorrow to visit. It will be nice to visit with her and my niece and nephew.

it is getting late over here, bedtime is calling my name. You can tell that I'm getting older, if I'm not in bed by 10:30pm, I'm no good the next day! haha

By the way, Hoffman is having a Stitcher's Showcase again, check it out, great freebies. I'm gonna stitch the one by Brooke's Books! I love it! Tanya from the Sampler girl has a freebie too! Way to go Tanya!

Till tomorrow!


Friday, June 1, 2007

Partnered with Margaret!

I jumped the gun, I have already completed my square. But, I think that maybe it might be to country and cute for Margaret. My hubby thinks it my style and not what Margaret had listed. So here's hoping that I find out alittle more about Margaret so I can get a jump on her square.
I'll save the square I did for the next round, or maybe I'll just keep it! I do love it. :)
Back to the drawing board!
Went back to the doctor today, guess I really need to go see the ob/gyn. Cyst is getting bigger my family doctor says. Bummer. Why do us poor women have these types of problems? It's not fair. I also have something called IBS. Duh, I figured that one out for myself. Citrucel here I come. Fiber, fiber, fiber. Yeah, yeah, I know. But geez, I'll get gas. It's bad enough with my husband. Ha-ha! :) Other than that, we are doing good. Hope everyone is excited about their partner!