Saturday, June 30, 2007

Start of SB Ornament/Liberty update.

Well, Liberty will not get finished in time for the 4th. That's ok, I'm still waiting on the sparkly thread for that one. I will finish it once I get my threads. I started a Shepherd's Bush Christmas ornament from the JCS ornament collection. I have been wanting to do those, I got sparked by the Christmas Ornament Stitch A Long blog.

I'm still waiting on my linen for my round robin, it needs to hurry on get here! I want to have plenty of time to get my grid stitched.

Our band director wants me to make 34 flags for the color guard. I really don't think I'll have time though. I did tell him in May, that if we might consider flags I'd need to start then, not wait till July. We don't even have a swatch or pattern. What does the guy think I can do. You see, last band season I was the seamstress for the band, I hemmed over 40 pairs on pants and shorten arms on the uniforms, I worked myself sick to get those stupid uniforms ready before the first game. I only had 2 weeks. My husband has already decided that I will not be making these flags, because after camp I'll be starting the hemming jobs all over again with new kids coming up into the ninth grade.

Don't ever let the school know you know how to sew! You will be hounded by every group there is!

My nieces will be coming tomorrow evening. Get ready Jacob!

Well, I'm gonna go supervise John while he works on our flower bed! hehehe

Till later,



Vonna said...

That liberty design is really cute. Who's the designer I may have to buy that to go in my Patriotic Corner ;)
Yes, I know all about schools and letting them know you can do something...BAD MOVE!
Don't do the flags!!!!
Take care and big hugs!

Kathy said...

Is the band director a man? Of course you can walk on water and make flags and hem pants. That is just nuts. Those people have no idea how much time and effort would go into such things. They think it just magically happens. I almost never let people know I can sew.

Love your Liberty.

Itching To Stitch said...

I like your Liberty piece, what fabric are you doing it on?

stitcherw said...

The liberty design is looking cute, and I can't wait to see what your new ornament one will look like.

Good luck with the school, don't let them drive you to crazy with the sewing for them. Someone who doesn't sew really doesn't realize how much time and effort go into some of the things they want done.

DaisyGirl said...

I am using a hand dyed called Babbling Brook, I got it from Mary Kathryn's ONS. It is a beautiful mottled sky blue color. Wonderful to stitch on!

Julie said...

I hope they appreciate all the sewing you do. I could never even done one shirt or pair of pants let alone all that you do! Flags too! I hope you can squeeze some stitching time into your schedule!

Cheryl said...

Your WIPS are looking good! Hope you get your RR fabric soon :)

Xangles said...

Hi, Daisy. Your account of the beesting mishap was so funny... though I bet it hurt! Thanks for the comments about the pinkeep. I'd like to stitch a series of them - they are so pretty. Your liberty design is just gorgeous! Is it OK to list you as one of the blogs I visit?
Take care

tkdchick said...

Yeah.... its VERY hard to say no to the school!!!!

Hope your RR fabbie gets there soon!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Busy, busy girl! i wouldn't do the flags either! huggles!