Sunday, June 17, 2007

Update on Liberty and Daisy!

Have been working on Liberty alittle, I'm hoping that I have it finished in time for the 4th of July. My nieces are coming to visit us again for the next couple of days. I picked out a small needlepoint kit for Madeleine to do, last week she wanted to help me with my cross stitch and I figured it would make her happy to have her own kit to work with.

My kitty Daisy will not like the girls being here though. They love her, but Daisy didn't like it last week when they visited. They just want to hold her and touch her, too much for Daisy to handle.

I think I'm doing alright with the round robin, just wanting to see if Anna's gonna do it with us. I'd love for her to participate. Tanya will maybe do a later one. That's ok, she has a new baby, I must really be getting old. I love babies, but I'm so glad I'm not doing that again. Babysitting makes me tired! (Sorry Judy!) But I love my nieces and am glad to help out!

Edgar, if you can, don't forget to add your blog to the rr blog, I forgot to tell you that!

Tomorrow is John's birthday, I think he had a great Father's Day, he relaxed and we watched movies galore. I even made brownies just for him! I love you honey!

Well, it's getting late, time to get to bed, need to prepare for my nieces arrival tomorrow!



Vonna said...

Daisy is cuter than cute :)
Liberty is going great :)
So glad to see/hear your RR is going well!
Congrats Donna!

Heidi said...

Daisy is just beautiful!!! I must say my cat is the same way about kids being in the house. He ususally hides out somewhere in the house until the coast is clear.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love Daisy taking her nap! now that is a happy kitty! Your stitching is looking very nice too!

Tanya said...

What a precious kitty!!!

Cheryl said...

Cute kitty pictures! You're making good progress on liberty. Looking forward to an update on the RR. I'm waiting to find out how many stitchers, how big each square will be etc, before i order fabric. Are we definitely going with LHN?

DaisyGirl said...

Yes, we are gonna use LHN for sure! I've been looking at all their patterns, so many to choose from!

Ranae said...

Daisy is adorable. Liberty is looking great. It looks like the freebie chart I downloaded the other day. I just might have to get mine started.