Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today my son Jacob passed his learner's test. Oh dear, he wants to start practicing asap. I, on the other hand, want him to take it slowly. Teen drivers worry me. One of my dear friends from school lost her son last summer to a car wreck. Micheal was only 17. My friend has been forever changed by his death. I do not want to get a door knock late at night like she did. After his stunt a few weeks ago, makes me wary of him driving. Oh well, on to happier things.

My stitching is coming along great. I think I'm gonna start Brooke's Book's freebie "Liberty" that I downloaded today. I always have a 4th of July party, I hope to have it finished in time for my party. I pick up my floss Weeping Willow from the cross stitch shop tomorrow. I called them today to see if the floss had come in, and it had. So off to pick it up tomorrow! Should have my block for Margaret finished tomorrow evening. Yeah!
My nieces are coming to spend the night with me tomorrow. My sister will pick them up on Friday evening after her class. She is going back to school for her masters degree.
I will sign off for now, I want to gather up the materials for Liberty.


Vonna said...

Can't wait to see that Brooke's Book freebie :)
I'm glad that your floss came in!
And you have fun with your neices!
Thanks too, for leaving such a sweet comment on Katie's blog :)

Margaret said...

Congratulations to Jacob!! This is such an exciting time for our children but a stressful one for us parents.
Have a fun time with your nieces and looking forward to your stitching updates.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh no! A new teenage driver? That can make your hair gray! Look forward to seeing your freebie!