Saturday, July 7, 2007

Family pics!

Told ya'll I'd post again, Rebekah visited us again today, my nephew Tim challenged my husband that he couldn't do a pull up. See, Tim can't do one, so he's like, if I can't no one can. John says, hey no problem- hence the challenge. John of course can whip his butt any ole day!

My hubby showed him! haha Tim!

Gridding is coming along slowly. Hope to finish by Sunday evening. Cross my fingers that I get it done.

We are gonna grill shrimp kabobs tomorrow! Yummy!

Have a great night everyone!



Cheryl said...

Glad your linen arrived and gridding is underway! Good luck! oh and i tried to add my likes etc to the RR blog but i think only you can do it. I didn't have access to the setup section at all

Vonna said...

Rebekah is darling...what a cute couple :)
Hurray for your DH...way to go!