Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Back!!!!

Let me start off by saying, I'm so glad to be home! I've never worked so hard in my life. The drive wasn't too bad, finding our campus dorm hall was insane! Do don't let a teen try to say, oh I think we need to turn this way! We ended up circling our dorm hall three times. Once we got there and got unloaded, I had to turn into a nurse right away. I am the band's nurse, 70 little mini adults who think they are dying! Nah, but I had a couple of whiners. My job was to sign everyone in, take their medicine from them and log them into my journal. The kids were not allowed to keep their meds with them, unless it was a inhaler or epi pen. I would start my day at 5:45am, medicine rounds started at 6:15am, I had 6 kids in the morning, 2 at lunch, 5 at dinner that needed daily meds. I had to go where ever the kids went. I carried my first aid backpack with all the meds, plus I toted a portable first aid kit. That back pack was heavy.

I had kids dropping like flies, sorry for the pun, it was so hot and humid, mostly the girls would be sick with the heat. And the chafing, I had one young lady get chafed so bad, it was bleeding. She didn't tell me on the first day because she was embarrassed. After fussing to her that I've seen it all, don't worry, I had to patch her up. Poor dear was warned not to move or face my wrath. I had to find a store to get stuff to fix her thigh area.

I thought I would have free time, yeah right. I spent so much time going from kid to kid. I finally got a golf cart on Saturday for me to use. Thank goodness! All in all, I think everyone had a great time! Only thing, I didn't think to get any pictures of me in doing my duties! Too bad.

We had room checks at 11:30 pm, then I could get some rest!

Glad to be home! Daisy sure has stayed near my side today! Poor little girl probably didn't get loved on enough from my husband. He tolerates my kitties.

Last but not least-did I finish my roof? Unfortunately no, I've got to finish it. i don't have much left, so I feel I'll finish tomorrow!



Vonna said...

Oh MY!!!! Sounds like you've been a busy take care and rest some!!!

Tanya said...

Wow - I got tuckered just reading your post :) Glad to 'see' you back! Sounds like you had a big time of it.

Kendra said...

Ah, band camp...brings back many memories. Although we never went away to camp. We had 3 weeks of 9 AM-5 PM at the school, usually the last 3 full weeks right before school started. Once school started, we had practice 4 days a week from 3:15-5:15. Needless to say, that was the fittest and tannest I've ever been in my life! LOL!

Cheryl said...

Glad you're back! Sounds like hard work, i can sympathise having just been at camp myself. Can't wait to receive your RR and get working on it, im still thinking about what chart to use on it though

Michele said...

welcome back! You deserve some stitching time!


Barbeeque4 said...

You have been sooooo busy, I would be surprised if you had a chance to think, much less finish the roof!! :) I am sending off my RR this week so you should get it in a few days.

Take care.


Lana said...

I was in colorguards in high school, all 4 years, captain my senior year, so this post brought back memories...especially the picture of the girl carrying her flag and rifle! Glad you made it home safe!

Michele said...

whew! glad you made it home! lol .. gotta love camp of any kind with lots of kids!

Hope you get rested and find some stitching time soon :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Welcome home! My but I feel for everyone with that heat! how miserable! Get some rest!

stitcherw said...

Ok, that would be one wild camp. It sure sounds like they kept you incredibly busy. Glad it sounds like you enjoyed it though, although to bad it couldn't have been a bit cooler for you all.