Sunday, July 15, 2007

RR update!

My rr is coming along nicely, I'm starting the house today. I need to have my square finished by the 26th. We leave for camp, I'll be gone for 4 days, and I know there will not be a lot of time for stitching. I may take my knitting, unsure of the camp schedule yet, will get that info this week.

To Anna and Cheryl, I mailed you both something on Saturday morning, so hopefully within 10 days you will get a package from me! Vonna, a couple of days for you, I just love sending goodies!

Here's the baby blanket attempt, I've got 45 stitches packed tightly on the knitting needles. I hope it turns out. I have only made scarfs before. So, we will see how this turns out. Wish me knitting luck!

Check out the rr blog to learn more about a surprise email I received!

Until later,



Pam said...

Great start Donna! The blanket is beautiful so far, what pretty colors. I so want to learn how to knit, I have only done a partial scarf so far, and that's it LOL.

anna said...

Ooooh! I can't wait!!! A little smthg from you is smthg that'll be very expected here! :) How lovely that Diane W. from LHN got interested in your RR!! And - I love your progress on it!

Itching To Stitch said...

I love your RR piece. That bear is just too cute ;)

Julie said...

Oh Donna! I love your block. You are so creative and I look forward to seeing what you stitch on all the RRs. Its great that Diane emailed you and will be following your blog!

stitcherw said...

Your square is growing nicely, and your blanket looks so pretty. Good luck with meeting your deadline before you leave for camp.

Michele said...

I've really enjoyed your blog! and your RR is looking great! If you need another one to sign up for your PIF I would love to .. I have one filled, but will start another one soon .. they are really fun!