Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stitching Like Crazy!

I'm planning another stitching day for Tuesday and Wednesday. I did get a lot done on the round robin. I'm pleased with the result. I'm trying so very hard to keep the back tidy, as there are many color changes.

Both boys had company over on Monday. Jacob's friend Abby came to visit. I know that made Jacob's day, give 2 teenagers a camera and this is what you get! hahaha. I just had to post these pictures of them having fun yesterday.

Jason's friend Brenda visited here for the first time, I'm thinking it won't be her last time. Jason seems to like her. But, then again, what girl doesn't he like?

Still waiting on scuppernog so I can finish my ornament, I'll probably start the next one while I wait on that color to come in. I can't wait to get the JCS Ornament magazine. I have one reserved for me at the Needlework House. Has anyone else started listening to Christmas music? I do every July, I'll start listening, it helps put me in the Christmas Spirit! I know everyone could use a little of that!

Off to cross stitch! Plus I'll watch The Lord of The Rings, The Dark Tower today while I stitch!



Ranae said...

I just love the RR. I can't wait to see it done. The kids look like they are having fun.

Julie said...

I hope you're having a good stitching day. Your RR looks great, I hope you'll post a picture of your progress from yesterday and today.