Saturday, October 13, 2007

Quick post for now!

We lost our football game last night, 42-6, what a beating. But, the band had their best performance ever! No one dropped their flags or was out of step! Perfect! Jacob I think is thinking about trying out for the pit for the winter program competition, you'd think he'd be tired. I know I am. We will be performing the music from Spamalot! We saw the play on Broadway in New York earlier this year. I'm excited about the costumes, I'll be making a bunch again. As my husband says, just shoot her, she can't say no! Hey, what am I on this earth for? My children! If they need or want it, I find a way!

The quilt shops having a sale today, gonna stop by to check out the material!

I finished my PS ornie, need to assemble it, working like mad on Cheryl's, why, oh why did I use the gold linen? This linen has gold flecks in it! It's beautiful, but hard to see the holes.

Well, off to the store!



preshrose said...

Hey DaisyGirl!
Just wanted ot let you know, you have a fellow stitching in Georgia! I live in Columbus! Come visit me over on my web site!

BeckySC said...

I love your PS finish :) Your new start is looking great too :)

Vonna said...

Love your PS finish:) Yippee!!

monique said...

I just started one on that same fabric and it IS very hard to see the holes! I thought it was just me LOL Nice finish :)

Cheryl said...

Love your PS finish...i have that one to stitch too! Your other wip looks great too :)
Hope you found lots to buy at the quilt shop sale

wanda said...

That is the cutest design, I think I have it as well. Another need to stitch ornament!! My son is in the Band, they stay so busy I definitely understand!!

tkdchick said...

The santa looks lovely! The gold flecked fabbie may be a pain but it'll look lovely in the end. Keep stitching!