Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tanya tagged me.......

So I have to tell 7 things about myself:
1. I like to drink my Coke flat! (my husband can't stand this!)
2. I'm so picky about borrowing out my books, I cannot stand the pages to be creased or spine broken. I can read a book and the book looks new.
3. I hate bugs. I gladly pay a bug man!
4. I placed third in a college voice meet! I sang Memories.
5. I also used to sing in a country band called The Bitter Creek Country Band when I was 18. Momma wouldn't let me go to Nashville with the band.
6. I am a Queen in a past life! All bow to me! hahaha
7. I hate being alone!

Well, that's 7 small details about me! Who to tag? If you are reading my blog then you are tagged! I'll drop a reminder to the following! Anna, Cheryl, (by the way, thanks for the smile award Cheryl!) Marie, Vonna(I know you get tagged all the time), Michelle, Edgar and Lizzy! Please feel free to play along, don't stress if you forget to play!

Cheryl, start watching the postman! Wahoo! It's on it's way to you!
Just think Christmas is only 8 weeks away! I have been listening to Christmas music since end of September! It helps put me in a good mood for work. Here lately, I've needed it! They aren't gonna hire another worker, we are just gonna work ourselves to death! I'm so needing a break! Hurry up Thanksgiving break!

Have a great day!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

8 weeks until Christmas? How did that happen? Love the answers by the way!

Vonna said...

You are such a sweetie girl! I love to read your blog because it always makes me smile :)
I think I've done this seven things before, so I won't do it again to bore people to death...but I love you for thinking of me! Hugs sweetie!

Tanya said...

You drink it flat???? Icky!!! I'm a diet coke girlie but flat, yuk. LOL I enjoyed reading your facts! Oh and I can't stand bugs either.


anna said...

Will do the tag-thing in a free moment! :)