Wednesday, November 28, 2007

RR shipped! Exchange sent!

Start watching the postman Cheryl, I've mailed the next rr. I've also got my SBEBB Christmas Ornament ready to go tomorrow. So hope my partner enjoys the goodies I have for her! I always take the finished item in to work so my friends at work can let me know if it is good or not.
Working on painting the kitchen cabinets, John put in a over the stove microwave, so we needed to change some of the cabinets. I'm so loving having the microwave off the counter place.
Gonna try to set up our Christmas tree later. We decided to buy a artificial tree this year. As soon as I have it decorated, I'll post a picture!
Thank you to my Secret Santa! I love the floss you sent! What a cool envelope you used!
My nephew Tim(the one in boot camp) has written to us again, he is not very happy right now. I wish I could go and get him, we will get to see him Dec.21st, he's gonna get to spend Christmas with the family! Yeah for that!
Well, gonna read the put the tree together manual. Wish me luck!



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Boot camp can be really tough on them. Tell him to just hang in there. it will be worth it!

Cheryl said...

Looking forward to the next RR!

stitcherw said...

Congratulations on getting your RR part finished and mailed. With everything that goes on this time of year having another item checked off your to do list must feel great.

Hopefully things get better for your nephew soon, I've heard boot camp is really hard. It's great you'll all be able to be together at Christmas.