Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wonderful Weekend!

Hi Everybody,

Hope everyone has had a decent work week. Mine was stressful, but at least it's the weekend. I've been stitching on a couple of projects, one sneak peek at one. A secret Santa mailed me some thread! Thank you Santa! Thank you Edgar for my card. I am so behind in that department! Mine will hopefully be mailed Monday.

I'm glad to hear Cheryl got my RR safety! It's always a worry when I mail. Haven't heard yet if my SBEBB partner has received her exchange. So hoping she gets it soon.

That stupid hand of mine, I thought it was better, I was wrong. It has frozen up twice this week. I have even slowed down my stitching, but in the morning time is the worst. The doctor wants me to wear a splint at night to help keep my hand straight instead of curling up in a fist. So we will wait and see how that does. You know the doctor told me the trigger finger thing was a fluke and wouldn't happen again, man, he sure flunked medical school. hahaha

I'm gonna try to finish my Christmas shopping today with my brother. We are going to the mall.

See ya later!



Vonna said...

That secret Santa sure has been busy :)
Hope your finger gets better that's gotta stink!
Have a great time shopping!

Cheryl said...

Yes i can relate to stressful work weeks! Hope your finger gets better soon and it doesnt affect your stitching too much! Love the sneak peak at your current project :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Lovely stitching and what a nice surprise from your secret santa! Hope the hand starts to behave!

stitcherw said...

Sorry to hear that your finger has been acting up. How frustrating to think it is better and then to have it happen again. I hope the splint helps. The sneak peek looks cute, is that going to be a little sheep running holding a banner?

Hannah said...

I hope your finger is better soon so you can get back to your stitching. It is all so lovely!