Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baby Shower Sucess!

Angelynn's shower was lots of fun! Her family is fun to be around. She is blessed to have a supportive family. It will be hard being a single young mommy! She got alot of very nice goodies to help her get started off right! She is having a girl and girls are always fun to shop for!

I'm hoping to have her baby blanket that I'm knitting done by her due date. Baby is due Feb.19th. I've got to knit like the wind. I'm a very slow knitter.

As to cross stitch-I've got to finish up my project for my birthday partner! I feel confidant to have her package in the mail by the end of the week.

Last night John and I had a game night with friends! It was so much fun, we are gonna do it again! We went over to Karen and Steve's house and just had a good time the whole evening. John won the Scrabble game! Can't wait to do that again!

Well, off to do laundry and to stitch!

Happy Weekend to everyone!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Got the next round robin!

Thank you to Edgar! I got the latest rr today in the mail. Janice's linen is very nice. It's gonna stitch well I feel. Nice softness to it. Plan to start on it this weekend.
I'm hosting a baby shower this Saturday for Angelynn. I have been planning out how I will decorate the mantel, I dug out of my cedar chest some of the boys' baby things. I was surround by memories! I'm gonna take pictures so ya'll can see how my decorating turned out.
Hope everyone's work week is going good. Just think, tomorrow is Friday!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Can anyone help?

I have been searching for a pattern of cross stitch sock money, the only thing I've found is a CD/DVD disk for $40 to get a collection of sock monkey patterns. Well, I only want one little image of sock monkey's face to do for my niece. If anyone has a single pattern that they would be willing to trade or low cost, please let me know! I'd love to make my niece her birthday present with sock monkey. I already got the material. So if you can help, I'd be grateful!
My Monday was spent cross stitching on a spring exchange I am doing with Anna! I really got alot done, got to take a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up 2 skeins of floss!
Edgar has let me know that the RR will be coming my way soon. I've already got my pattern picked out, ready to stitch on Janice's rr when it gets here!
My hubby is the greatest! He has made me a thread minder for my SBBC birthday partner! I'm so happy with it, I know she will love it! I do! I'm gonna have to get him to make me more!
Back to school tomorrow! This will be a busy week for me, we have a band meeting on Thursday I do believe. We are having a Taste of Dacula Feb.4. We need to finalize things to get ready. We are hoping to sell 800 tickets this year. Wish us luck, this is a major fundraiser for us.
Well, it is time for bed for me, work tomorrow, boo hoo! I really need to win the lottery so I can quit working. I guess it'd help if I bought a ticket now and then. haha
Happy Belated Birthday to Tanya! Hope you had a great day!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wahoo! We got snow!

Let me just say that I have been deprived of snow days for a long time now! haha

We woke up to Saturday morning with it beginning to snow! It snowed all day, I had such a fabulous day laying around on the couch in front of the fireplace with a fire blazing brightly! I slept off and on all day! It was heavenly. The boys did venture out in the snow to make our pitiful attempt of Frosty. They had fun, I did make sure my bird feeders were full with seed since it was so cold.

I stitched away on a b-day present. Stitching is done, finishing now needs to be completed! I've been pulling my threads for VoHRH.

Hoping everyone enjoys the extended weekend! We get Monday off from school for MLK Day. Yeah for 3 day weekends!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Where did the week go?

Well, the week zoomed by. We had a mini snow flake attack. I had hoped that we would get a snow day, but we didn't. They are talking about snow here tomorrow! Cross your fingers! I went grocery shopping after work just in case we do get the snow storm they keep promising.
I've been hard at work finishing up my SBBC partners birthday gift. Can't wait to finish it and get it in the mail!
As to my feeling better....well, I feel ok today, the only thing about kidney stones is that they take time to pass. I had hoped to pass it last weekend, but it seems that the stone has settled down in a cozy spot, (that's what my kidney doctor calls it) just try to get back to normal, drink lots of lemonade and water and hope it passes soon. The stone is only 2mm in size, which I'm told can easily pass without surgery. I've passed a 6mm before, so I know the drill. But I'm feeling pretty good these past 3 days.
No pictures today! Hope I can post a picture of snow tomorrow!
Hope everyone has a great day!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oodles of pictures to show....

I've been busy these last few days. Kidney stone flareup, only good thing is that I get to sit and stitch till I fall asleep. This is what I've been able to work on. (Still haven't passed that darn thing yet!)

I found this link from Mary Kathryn's blog, I saw the sock monkey material and I just had to have it! I love Sock Monkey! Johnny bought me a kit to make a sock monkey! My niece Katie loves monkeys too, so I'm gonna make her a surprise(can't tell, she does read my blog now and then.

You ought to check out that online shop, I'm gonna go back for more material to make pillows or mini wall hangings for my cross stitch!

Ya'll have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lots of things! and a Winner......

Edited to add: That is a shadow, not something on the linen!

First off, thank you to all who entered my blogaversary! Now, drum roll please!!!!!!! My son Jacob drew the following three names: 1. Tanya 2. Kim 3. Stitcherw Yeah! So I promise to make those 3 a special goody from me this year! So, ladies, please email your addresses so that I will be able to send you your goody.

That stitched item is the beginning of a pin keep! I'll have a better picture tomorrow(I stitched more today)

Look what I got from my Frosty Friends exchange! Susan, it is gorgeous! I love it! I am over the moon with it! I've already got it hanging up above the fireplace! I love the ornament too! That snowman candy looks to pretty to eat! But, never fear, it will be enjoyed by me :)

Anglynn's getting pretty big, her due date is Feb.18th. I am hosting a baby shower for her on Jan.26th!

Terry(my Frosty Friends partner) received her goodies, this is what I sent to her!

We are on the down hill now, only 2 more days to work till the weekend!

See ya!


Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to Work!

Monday dawned bright and early, I'm feeling alittle better and felt I could go into work today. Throat still feels bad, but headache is gone for now! Hooray! I can stand just about everything but a headache. Work was fine, I'm in the kitchen for the next 2 days, in our rotation you spend 3 days in a row in the kitchen, 2 days as a helper and 1 day as head cook. I'm head cook tomorrow I think. Tomorrow is pizza day, so I'll be right by the ovens baking pizzas left and right. Our kids love pizza day! Heck, everyone loves pizza day! :)

I have a small start to show you! I started this last night, so hopefully tomorrow I'll have more done. I hope it stitches up quick. Did ya'll see the pattern on Vonna's blog?

Why does she tempt me? hahaha I really like the pattern, but I've kinda made myself promise to stitch the things that I need to stitch.

Like: 1. VoHHR(yes)

2. Wedding sampler for my niece.(Wedding is in Oct.2008) Must complete!

3. Christmas Fairy Kit(really want too!)

4. Shepherd's Bush Ornaments

5. I want to do a couple more exchanges!

6. I really should try to finish my son's Dragon, it's about 90% completed!

7.More things I want to do! Especially something Easter related!

Well, I guess I should try to stitch for at least 30 minutes before I slink off to bed! :)

See ya'll later!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Look what came today!

I received my Fair & Square today from Denise! She outdid herself! What a great cross stitch she did for me. It's funny in a way, I stitched her design over one also! Hope she likes her design. She sent me more than she needed! Thank you so much for all the goodies! We are chocolate hounds in our house, if we smell it, we've got to eat it! haha I've never had that brand of candy before, we love it! Uh oh, new candy to add to the list!

I also posted in the mail today my Frosty exchange! Hoping she will get a delivery by Tuesday! Then I'll post a picture of what I sent to my exchange buddy.

I'm feeling a little better, my husband thinks that I probably have a sinus infection, because my face and eyes hurt. So that's probably why my headache meds are not working like they usually do.

John took me to the post office, then we went to get a flu shot, his idea, not mine, but alas, no flu shots to be found. The pharmacy was out, won't be getting anymore. We went to 2 different places. Oh well, hope I don't get the flu this year. I haven't been sick with the flu in years, I always get a little cold but nothing more. But I usually already have my flu shot, we were slackers this year in getting them early. Snooze you lose. Oh well.

I start my SBBC project today, picked out my linen late last night. Can't wait!

Well, off to finish chores so I can stitch!

Edgar, I hope you are not covered up with snow, unless you want it! heehee

Have a great weekend!


Friday, January 4, 2008

Day Home!

Went back to work yesterday with a migraine, took meds all day hoping it would get better. No such luck, so I'm off today resting with my head.
Hoping my Fair & Square partner receives my squares soon, just waiting for confirmation before I post anything. Frosty Friends is ready to mail, may have to wait till tomorrow since my head hurts. I'll still have it mailed on the due date.
Cheryl's working on Lizzy's rr at the moment, looks great!
Well off to bed again to rest. Will post later!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years!

I love The Rose Parade! Every year, I sit on the couch in front of the fireplace and watch my Rose Parade, then it's all day football! Yeehaw! I know, I'm a closet football lover! No particular team, just root for them both! The Gators lost today in a heartbreak ending. Sorry Fla. fans!
The UGA Bulldogs play tonight! Go Dawgs! Both my brother and sister graduated from UGA!
I hate not being able to show anything, I've sent my square on to Denise in Fair & Square, just waiting now to hear if she's received it.
I'm almost finished with Frosty Friends, I know I'm cutting it really close on that one, at least I have all the goodies bought and ready to ship! After this Friday I'll be good to go on my SBBC partner! I have peeked at her blog, I do have one little item on her wish list so far, just don't know what to stitch for her!