Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to Work!

Monday dawned bright and early, I'm feeling alittle better and felt I could go into work today. Throat still feels bad, but headache is gone for now! Hooray! I can stand just about everything but a headache. Work was fine, I'm in the kitchen for the next 2 days, in our rotation you spend 3 days in a row in the kitchen, 2 days as a helper and 1 day as head cook. I'm head cook tomorrow I think. Tomorrow is pizza day, so I'll be right by the ovens baking pizzas left and right. Our kids love pizza day! Heck, everyone loves pizza day! :)

I have a small start to show you! I started this last night, so hopefully tomorrow I'll have more done. I hope it stitches up quick. Did ya'll see the pattern on Vonna's blog?

Why does she tempt me? hahaha I really like the pattern, but I've kinda made myself promise to stitch the things that I need to stitch.

Like: 1. VoHHR(yes)

2. Wedding sampler for my niece.(Wedding is in Oct.2008) Must complete!

3. Christmas Fairy Kit(really want too!)

4. Shepherd's Bush Ornaments

5. I want to do a couple more exchanges!

6. I really should try to finish my son's Dragon, it's about 90% completed!

7.More things I want to do! Especially something Easter related!

Well, I guess I should try to stitch for at least 30 minutes before I slink off to bed! :)

See ya'll later!



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Nothing in my book is worse than a headache! Glad you are feeling better!

Vonna said...

Glad your feeling some better :) So what's your start on?!
I know I'm a temptress :)

Chris said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better I can sympathize I've been sick with something similar all last week. Vonna's blog is evil if you've vowed not to buy anything new until you finish some of what you already have! I still visit it though LOL!

Cheryl said...

Hmmmm Pizza day sounds great :)
Whats your new start?

The Silver Thistle said...

Hope Pizza day is a success and you feel better.

I'm all ears too, what's the start?

Jennifer aka Sweet Pea said...

I love Pizza Day. Ours is usually Friday nights and we experiement with different toppings. The recipe for the sauce and crust is in the Best Recipes Cookbook by Cooks Illustrated. Once you try that sauce, you'll never want to use anything else.

Barbeeque4 said...

I'm glad you are felling better...and boy do I know what you mean about so many things to stitch!!!

Happy Pizza Day!!!

tkdchick said...

Yeah, getting back to work is hard! I'm exhausted now that the work week is almost over!

stitcherw said...

Nice start, and Christmas Fairy is on my want to do list too, she's so cute. Hope you felt better when you went in, and your headache stayed away. I can't imagine trying to cook around hot ovens with a headache. I totally agree with your pizza comment. Always loved it at school (as did my friends) and I never outgrew it, it's still a treat.