Thursday, January 24, 2008

Got the next round robin!

Thank you to Edgar! I got the latest rr today in the mail. Janice's linen is very nice. It's gonna stitch well I feel. Nice softness to it. Plan to start on it this weekend.
I'm hosting a baby shower this Saturday for Angelynn. I have been planning out how I will decorate the mantel, I dug out of my cedar chest some of the boys' baby things. I was surround by memories! I'm gonna take pictures so ya'll can see how my decorating turned out.
Hope everyone's work week is going good. Just think, tomorrow is Friday!


Tanya said...

Oh I love baby showers - have fun!!!


Cheryl said...

I hope the baby shower goes well! Have a great weekend :)

stitcherw said...

Glad that you got the RR and it sounds like you'll enjoy your time stitching on it. Looking forward to seeing what you stitch, as well as seeing pictures of the decorations you put up for the shower. Baby Showers are such fun, hope you all have a wonderful time.