Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years!

I love The Rose Parade! Every year, I sit on the couch in front of the fireplace and watch my Rose Parade, then it's all day football! Yeehaw! I know, I'm a closet football lover! No particular team, just root for them both! The Gators lost today in a heartbreak ending. Sorry Fla. fans!
The UGA Bulldogs play tonight! Go Dawgs! Both my brother and sister graduated from UGA!
I hate not being able to show anything, I've sent my square on to Denise in Fair & Square, just waiting now to hear if she's received it.
I'm almost finished with Frosty Friends, I know I'm cutting it really close on that one, at least I have all the goodies bought and ready to ship! After this Friday I'll be good to go on my SBBC partner! I have peeked at her blog, I do have one little item on her wish list so far, just don't know what to stitch for her!



Kathy said...

You changed your blog. It was hard to recognize it was you.

Love the parade, but did not watch it this year, just the football games. Always loved New Year's Day because of all the games.

Happy Stitching New Year!!!

Carol said...

Happy New Year Donna!!

Michele said...

I love the parade too Donna! We are more into pro football around here .. but the college games are fun too!

lol .. I suck at Guitar Hero too!

anna said...

Wonderful, Donna, thanks for wanting to do the PS exchange with me!!! Email me if you need to know something, right? Otherwise I think we know everything! LOL and we can start stitching! I already have a finishing idea!