Saturday, January 5, 2008

Look what came today!

I received my Fair & Square today from Denise! She outdid herself! What a great cross stitch she did for me. It's funny in a way, I stitched her design over one also! Hope she likes her design. She sent me more than she needed! Thank you so much for all the goodies! We are chocolate hounds in our house, if we smell it, we've got to eat it! haha I've never had that brand of candy before, we love it! Uh oh, new candy to add to the list!

I also posted in the mail today my Frosty exchange! Hoping she will get a delivery by Tuesday! Then I'll post a picture of what I sent to my exchange buddy.

I'm feeling a little better, my husband thinks that I probably have a sinus infection, because my face and eyes hurt. So that's probably why my headache meds are not working like they usually do.

John took me to the post office, then we went to get a flu shot, his idea, not mine, but alas, no flu shots to be found. The pharmacy was out, won't be getting anymore. We went to 2 different places. Oh well, hope I don't get the flu this year. I haven't been sick with the flu in years, I always get a little cold but nothing more. But I usually already have my flu shot, we were slackers this year in getting them early. Snooze you lose. Oh well.

I start my SBBC project today, picked out my linen late last night. Can't wait!

Well, off to finish chores so I can stitch!

Edgar, I hope you are not covered up with snow, unless you want it! heehee

Have a great weekend!



tkdchick said...

What a beautiful F&S to recieve.

As to me spending the day stitching with friends (thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting), actually for me to stitch with this group of friends I have to drive 3 hours one way. Its only something I get to do a few times a year as they meet on Thrusday and I'm normally working!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a lovely square! She did a great job!

Cheryl said...

Lovely square!
I had an early birthday to stitch for for the SBBC too - i have to post on Monday!

Denise said...

Glad you liked the squares I made for you. I am still stalking the mailman looking for your package which I know you sent. I'm really getting anxious. Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better, sinus infections can be awfully painful. Have a wonderful week!

The Silver Thistle said...

Awww, Donna hope you're feeling a little less poorly now. Nothing like a bit of sinus trouble to knock you over. You have my sympathy :(

We don't do flu shots's not usually available to anyone except the elderly and the really young. Not sure I'd have them anyway though, anyone I know who gets them is ALWAYS floored by flu about a week after having the shots, lol.

You got a lovely square in the exchange. Lucky you!

Carol R said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Barbeeque4 said...

What a great square!!

No snow here in SF but a ton of rain and gale force winds over the past few days, I think the snow has really shut down Truckee and the Lake Tahoe area....

Hope you get to feeling better!!