Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So what's a Dacula?

Well, that's my hometown! I live in Dacula, GA. We have a small hometown feel even though we are growing. Our taste of Dacula( which is by the way a opportunity for local restrauants and businesses to showcase what they serve or have. We had 28 businesses that participated! The DHS Band sold tickets for $10 a piece, then you get to sample everything in the building. We set it up in the high school commons area and you get to eat, eat and eat! I've never been able to try all the restrauants. It's a very busy evening for the ones that pull it all together. The band committee has been working on this since October 07. (Don't forget-I'm the VP for the Band Booster Club) It was a sucess! Everyone had a good time, stuffed tummys and we made lots of money! We sold over 600 tickets! We had businesses that ran out of food, they said next year they would make sure they had enough! Fernado's was very popular, our local mexican restrauant has the best food! Yummy!
As to stitching, I have my SBBC package in the mail and winging it's way overseas! I sure hope she likes everything.
I'm stitching on my RR, plus a couple of exchanges! Hope for pictures tomorrow!
I normally don't do this, but, my coworker has just been diagnoised with breast cancer, please pray for her! She has 3 children and she is such a fun person to be around! She makes me laugh! Help me to be strong for her! She doesn't want pity or people feeling sorry for her!
Well, that's all for the night!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Isn't that the wonderful thing about our small towns? Is for me! LOL!

Vonna said...

I will certainly pray for your strong for her, as I know you will :)

And we have a taste of Bloomington every year up here too...LOVE IT! It's like a junkie's most bestest dream! If you are a food-a-holic :) (which I am...)

Carol R said...

I think I need new glasses - I read Dracula not Dacula! Sounds like a great town to live in.
I will be praying for your co-worker.

Wendy said...

I love food festivals like that ~ so many choices, its nice to have a little of each!

Sending good thoughts for your co-worker!