Friday, March 7, 2008

Finally pictures of baby Cadence!

Anglynn visited today with the baby! It is hard to believe she is 2 weeks old! Time does not stand still for no one! We took lots of pictures. The boys both took turns holding her. Jacob couldn't get over how tiny her hands were. The one picture is of his hand and her hand. So sweet. Anglynn is such a sweet mommy. I did offer frequent baby sitting if she needs to take a break. Living 3 houses down will be easy for all of us!

Now, on to stitching news! Tea Time is winging it's way to it's partner. I worked so hard on my first pinkeep. As soon as I know she has it, I'll post a picture! I'm finishing my spring exchange with Anna this weekend. I had hoped to get a pattern kit from Mary Kathryn today, but alas, no goody in the mail. My friend Hope has her breast surgery on Monday and I so wanted to have that cross stitch done asap! I'm gonna make it into a possible bag for her. So that way when she has chemo, she has a bag to put a book or whatever in it! Us girls are trying to decide something extra special for her, she has already told us, she will wear a wig, I suggested, us getting our hair cut short in honor of her! I wonder what my husband would say? Don't know if we will! I think it would be great myself! Wish her the best on her fight against breast cancer! This is the first time it has affected someone that I know and care for!

Work is crazy. Up in the air about whether I will be at my school next year or a new school. Nobody whats to commit to a yes until we know where the asst. manger will be. Isn't that sad that nobody whats to work with that woman. Time will tell.

Well, I've blown your ear off for now! Enjoy the pictures!

(The baby smelled so heavenly!)

(Makes me want one!) hahaha


(Which by the way, Daisy was jealous I think, she kept trying to get up in my arms while I was holding Cadence.)


Cheryl said...

Donna do you think your friend would like a quilt made for her? Ive just joined this yahoo group A quilt can be requested for anyone who is suffering or a survivor.
Cadence is beautiful!

Tanya said...

Darling baby pictures, Donna! She is precious :)


Marie-P said...

Thoughts and prayers for your dear friend Hope! So very frightening I am sure. :(

What a gorgeous baby girl! How lucky to be living so close, I know you will have fun with her,

K in NY said...

Oh, Cadence is really cute! Your boys look really good with her too :-)