Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pictures of Festival at UGA

Well, Thursday turned out to be a beautiful day. The Symphonic Band performed at UGA(Go Dawgs!) for Festival. We didn't do too badly. We got 2 Excellents, 1 Good in sight reading. We really wanted Superior, but didn't get it. Well, next year.

This momma hen here has a problem, Jacob has always played the clarinet, 3 years of private lessons, now, this year his band director had a zillion holes to fill since we had 25 seniors graduate last year. So Harkness asked Jacob to try the French horn in symphonic and the mellophone in marching band. So Jacob has pretty much had to learn 2 new instruments. Which of course he has, but not like he can play the clarinet. We (I) are hoping to get a scholarship for college, and I was hoping it would be clarinet.

So, the question is, should we push for clarinet back or will we be better off trying for French horn. I know you have to be good to get the scholarships and I want what's best for Jacob, not what's best for a band director just trying to fill holes. So if anyone out there has advice, I'm willing to listen. I'm willing to provide for private lessons in French horn if that's the best for Jacob (even though my husband is furious that we would have wasted 3 years worth of private lessons in clarinet.) Ugg! Why is life so confusing sometimes?

As to stitching, I do have a start on VoHRH, as soon as camera recharges, I'll take pictures! I also have a start on the Hope piece for my friend who has breast cancer.(BTW, she is home from the hospital recovering from double mascetomy-she starts 4 rounds of chemo soon.)

Would you believe a tornado passed over us today! The siren went off and everything. Let me just tell you, trying to round up my animals was no fun. My kitties were frightened, I ended up leaving them hiding under the bed, dog did coming willingly with us to the laundry room to hide. Atlanta was hit pretty hard, in Flowery Branch were my hubby was working, the factory was lightly touched, hail the size of golf balls, sure hope John's truck isn't too beat up.

Well, that's all for now. I know I talked your ear off!


ps: Jacob sure does look handsome in his tux.


Kendra said...

I'm surprised your band director switched his instrument, period, much less having such a drastic change from the clarinet to the French horn/mellophone. My high school band director NEVER switched instruments...never let us even if we begged. Even for marching band...he'd rather have an "odd" instrument here and there than actually have a kid switch.

What does Jacob want to do...stick with the French horn or go back to his clarinet? I think that would be my starting criteria for making a decision. If he wants to switch back, then I'd talk to the director...if he's happy with his current instrument, then I'd stick with it.

Just my take on it, though. Hope this helps! :-)

Carol R said...

Yes - Jacob does look handsome in his tux - I thought that before I read your comment at the bottom of your post!

I agree with Kendra - ask Jacob what he wants to do and take it from there.

My best wishes to your friend for her speedy recovery.

ChristyB said...

Oh my gosh! My parents live in Flowery Branch! I also have an aunt, uncle and some cousins there. Small world :) They got some good sized hail from those storms too, but no real damage. Anyway, just wanted to say hi...its not everyday that I meet someone else who knows, or even has heard of Flowery Branch, GA :)

jane said...
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K in NY said...

I'm with Kendra, see what Jacob wants to do. But don't let the director push you or Jacob around, his holes are not your problem. Please excuse my complete ignorance of all things Band, but why can't he get a newbie to start out in those hole-positions instead of an experienced Clarinet person?

Glad to hear that everyone's okay after the Tornado! Is there a drill you can do with your kitties to prepare them properly in case there's a next time?