Thursday, March 27, 2008

Where did the week go?

We had a wonderful Easter. My nieces are such sweeties. I'm gonna see Maddie girl play soccer this weekend. The egg hunt was good, each found at least 24 dollars. We hide money in our eggs! The only picture you don't see is my nephew Donny, his pix looked blurry, so no photo of him.

That is my Vera Bradley purse, of which I'm in love with! Thanks to my sissy for getting me that purse! Love you!

This is the cross stitch for my friend Hope who has Breast cancer! She starts chemo in 3 weeks, so I will have the bag ready in time! I'm hoping to put the bag together this weekend on Sunday. All that's left to stitch is Hope, and that's all back stitches, so shouldn't take long at all.

I'm getting my hair highlighted tomorrow, so wish me luck, I'm always afraid they will mess my hair up, but spring is here and I want to look younger than I am (I hate getting older!) I am not against botox if it makes you look younger. We will see what the dermatologist says later in April. Vanity is my secret name! hahaha

Busy weekend planned. Date night with John on Friday, Soccer game on Saturday and sewing on Sunday! Whew! Then we have only one more week of school till spring break!

My youngest son turns 16 next week. April 3rd. Good grief, where did the years go? Have no idea what he wants for his birthday. I did order him a cool looking wolf shirt he picked out, but that's not enough. Maybe a party for his teen friends. We will see!

I'm hoping that everyone has had a great week and that everyone is getting spring fever! Sorry for Cheryl though, I read she has snow!

Night ya'll!



Kim B said...

Wow I need to hunt for eggs with you!

Beautiful stitching. Sorry to hear about your friend. It's nice that she has your support.

Vonna said...

Looking great Donna :) I love that Hope Design of Mary Kathryn's....and it will be so nice for your friend.

LOVE the VB bag...lovely...yellow is my fav color I'm lusting after it :)

I don't think you look old! But I'm a little Vain I understand...

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The week just zoomed right by! Love the pictures!

Stargazer said...

Thanks for posting the girls Donna. I wanted to make sure you got my email about game time.
Let me know if you have to change plans because of it.
Almost ready to get my ebay going! Hoping to see you tomorrow. JO

Carol R said...

A great Easter egg hunt- you obviously had good weather. It was wild and wet here in the UK so we would have been either blown away or washed away! Great pics.
I would have botox/plastic surgery - who is that stranger in my mirror?

tkdchick said...

Hope is looking lovely! If you've got a great hairdresser don't worry she won't mess things up!

anna said...

Loved to catch up! :)