Friday, April 4, 2008

Jacob's holding his new guitar!

Jacob wanted a guitar for his birthday, so off to the guitar shop we went! He is very happy with the one he picked out! He can already strum a few songs. Did I say he was a musical genius? hahaha. No kidding though, he will pick this instrument up pretty quickly.
Thanks to all his birthday wishes! He thanks you all!
Anna, I've mailed your exchange today. Hope it gets to you soon!
Well, gonna go plant some flowers in the retaining wall! Will post later!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

i do so hope Jacob continues to enjoy his guitar. happy birthday to him too!

Carol R said...

Donna - I just realised that Jacob shares a birthday with my daughter Nicola!

anna said...

Okay dokay! I was rummaging through my stash this morning (not that I have nothing to stitch! LOL) and picked up the lovely Just Nan whimzi from you to do some time this week! :)

Kim B said...

A guitar! What fun for Jacob!

Chiloe said...

Waow! reading at 15 mo: he must finishing college by now;) That's pretty impressive. And if he's also a musical genius !!! He seems also very happy which is not always the case of extremly bright kids !!! Lucky him ;-)

Patricia D. said...

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stitcherw said...

He does look quite happy with his guitar. They grow up so fast, I don't know how the time can pass so quickly. My DD will be 25 this year, and I swear it wasn't that long ago that she was crawling and just thinking of taking her first steps.