Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feathered Friends Exchange

I heard that my partner Mylene received her Feathered friends exchange last week, so I can post a picture of what I did for her. I made a little needle book for her. It was my first attempt at the little book, not bad for a first try! I'm glad she likes it!

After chores today, I'm hoping to get more stitching in on my Quaker critter. I went to Abcedarius LNS yesterday. I ordered this Halloween book with tons of Quakerish Halloween cross stitch designs in it. I'm hoping to have it by next weekend.

I haven't gotten my Needlework System yet. They haven't charged my credit card yet, so it must still be in paper order status. I do know the shop I ordered it from said they would have it shipped from the manufacturer. Would love to get it this week.

Well, that's all for now!

I'm happy to say, I've got a fine group of stitchers for my Halloween RR. Look at my choices for my RR.

Until then.......


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Halloween round is closed!

I need Edgar, Ulla, Hannah, Carol and Shelley to email me so I can send them and invite! I am excited about this rr. I was looking at linens for this one, and ohhhh, I just don't know! So many choices!
My new blog is waiting for you!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I know I'm crazy but.....

Edited on Thursday: Yahoo! I've already got Edgar, Ulla, and Hannah interested so far! I will hold it open for a couple more days to see if I get 2 more, if not then it will be just the four of us. Come join!
I really want to do a Halloween RR! If you might be interested, let me know! I know we wouldn't have it finished in time for Halloween for this year, but just think it will grace your homes for next year!!!!

I love Halloween! Hope you do too!

(I know, I know, just go ahead and shoot me!)

I had the most marvelous talk too?

I got a surprise phone call last night from.......Edgar! I had such a great time talking to him! You are a kindred soul Edgar, he is so funny ya'll, I laughed alot talking to him. I'm happy to say that he has finally gotten his RR, minus a square being stitched by Lizzy. We decided to bypass Lizzy since she has 3 RR's in her possession. Lizzy has dropped off the earth it appears. So if anyone has heard from her recently, please let me know. It will be sad enough knowing that I won't receive mine, but to have two other people not to get their RR's is shameful! I can understand being sick and all, but if you can't finish a commitment, let us know. I special ordered that linen for mine Lizzy! You are not the only one with medical problems.
Please contact me Lizzy, I will drive to your house if necessary, I don't want too, but I feel like must do something to get back our linen pieces!
Breathe Donna, breathe.
On to news about me, my MIL Shirley reads my blog, so here goes:
Well, Dr. Jonnala, my rheumatologist has pinpointed what is wrong with me, I have Psoriatic Arthritis, which has made the past few years alittle hard to bear. She explained that it is Rheumatoid Arthritis's sister, and I already have significant joint damage to my knee and my hands. Further tests will reveal the extent to my spine. The good news is I'll start meds called Methotrexate today, plus some kind of vitamin supplement. After 2 to 3 months on this, then I'll add another type of med like Enbrel and Rhemiciad(that is most likely misspelled) A great thing is that it will help clear up my psoriasis, which to that I am excited, to have clear skin, omgosh, I've always had psoriasis as a child and to be able to wear shorts again without fear of someone pointing at my legs. I'm so happy I could cry! So wish me luck on the new meds!
I have pictures to post, but will do that later as this post is a long one.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family Pictures!

My nephew Tim has a three day leave so we had a cookout yesterday in his honour! I miss that boy already, he goes back to his base Monday evening. He brought me a cross stitch pattern of his shield, so I need to get busy on that for him.

The other picture is of my niece Tiffany and her fiance Justin. Their wedding is in Oct. this year. We are going invitation looking on Tuesday evening. I'm gonna make her wedding invitations. I do that on the side. One of a kind type of thing! So we will go to Archivers to look at papers and such. Can't wait.

Johnny is working this weekend, so no cookout for us tomorrow. He's tired, working late everyday. The job is having a shutdown, so they can get as much done as possible.

I have been stitching, exchange, so no pics.

I am anxiously waiting for my Needlework System. I ordered it Wednesday or Thursday, can't really remember. Isn't that terrible! Well, I guess I should go put a load of laundry in, I did cut grass earlier today. The most I can do is the side yard, then the boys do the rest.

Have a great Memorial Day! To all our soldiers, thank you!!!!!! Go Army!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last day of school!

Today was the last day of school, such turmoil today. I found out that I will not be going to that new school. The person who I was suppose to replace decided not to retire. So guess what! That means I am displaced. I do not have a school to go to. My old boss is trying to pull some strings to see if I can get back to my old school, but I don't know. I don't have a good feeling about this.
So I may be joining the regular workforce after July. I can't leave the school until after that date or I lose my $900 dollar bonus. Which I was going to use to pay for Jason's senior dues and pictures and all.
Why me? I try so hard to be a hard worker, working when I'm sick and only taking personal days if my kids are sick, which only allotted to 2 days this past year, there is much more to this work issue at school, I hadn't planned on leaving my school, but a certain lady put up such a stink, that now, I'm losing my spot. I hope she's happy! She really needs to be fired, which I'm sure is coming to her. She stabbed me in the back, my boss in the back, and she pretty much has made work uneasy for the rest of us. So, wish me luck that I'll have a school to go to in the fall.
No pictures today. Too bummed to even fool with the camera.
Later gators!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby pictures of Kadence

Here is my sweetpea! She seems to be tracking better and cooing more. I was really worried, but now that I see her, I think she will be ok. When she goes in for her 4 month checkup, we are gonna make sure.

One more day! I cleaned out my locker today. I hope my new school will have lockers. It makes things so much more manageable with your purse and sweater.

I'm gonna order that Needlework System tomorrow. So hopefully by next week I'll have my stand. I might order it tonight if I can.

I woke up with a cold bug or something. I thought I'd survive the school year without being sick, but alas, a youngun has contaminated me with their sick germs! :(

Off to fix dinner. It will be something very easy.


Monday, May 19, 2008

2 more days of school!

OMGosh! I can't wait! I'm as impatient as the little kids in my school. haha
I hate not having any pictures yet to show, but hoping to by the end of the week. I've been working on another exchange, someone asked me if I stitch for myself? Yes, I really do, the Quaker Christmas will be mine, plus I've got 2 round robins that will hopefully get back to me.
I haven't stitched much this past weekend. We had a family reunion that we went to on Saturday. I had such a great time. Looking forward to that one again next year. Next year, they better be ready, I'll be able to stay longer to sing with the band! I am a complete ham, love to sing if the opportunity arises. Nor am I a bad singer. I did make all state in high school-long, long time ago, I can still remember......(I love that song)

I'm gonna rant for just a tiny bit! It pains me to even fuss about this, but I'm at a total standstill on what I should do!
1.If you sign up for a round robin, please honor those stitching with you.
2. If problems arise, don't hide and not return emails, that is not fair to me as a host round robin owner.
3. I've even offered to stitch for you, so please contact me!
4. I still want you to be a part of my group! I wouldn't have chosen you if I didn't think you not honor finishing the round.

O.K. That's all for now, so if you read this, please email me! Please!

My nephew is coming in for a 3 day pass this weekend, so we are gonna have a cookout for Tim! I'll take plenty of pictures so you all can see how handsome my nephew is! Hooah! Go Army!
Well, I guess I have bent your ear for a bit, I'll post later this weekend with pictures!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New internet provider!

Thanks to AT&T, we now have 6meg DSL. It's faster than what we had with cable Internet. So I'm happy about that. Jacob had his AP college testing today. If he passes the test, he will receive college credit. He passed last years test, so I'm hoping he can get another college credit this year. He's pretty smart so I'm not gonna worry.
I've mailed off my Feathered Friends Exchange, it's not like me to be so behind, but our family has had bad news these last couple of weeks. Cancer scare for my brother in law, confirmed cancer for Uncle Charles. They have given him just 3 months. I can't understand how someone who has always been healthy is now eat up with cancer. I feel for Aunt Yvonne, I would not want to leave my loved one for a minute. Please keep our family in your prayers. It's gonna be tough these next few months.
I haven't gotten much more on Quaker Christmas, I've been exchange stitching. We are down to 4 days of school! I cannot wait!
I hope that everyone has a great day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

Well, another week has come and gone. Sorry I haven't been able to post more often. We are having Internet issues. I am so ill with our Internet provider. I will have to drive to exchange our modem box, which I will be doing this week. Hope that it will fix the problem. It has hindered our families usage time, it drops in and out at any given time. So I'm hoping that it will last long enough to post this message!

I've got a few pictures to show. I received my Feathered Friends exchange, a sweet pinkeep, a quick pic of my Quaker Christmas start, Jacob and his friend Abby and my spa bucket that I received for Mother's Day. So nice of my family to remember me! Thank you boys and I love you John! I know the bucket really came from you! You are my soul mate!

8 more days of school! Can't believe a whole year has come and gone so quickly! I interviewed at a new school this past week, hope to get transferred, only 5 miles from my house. With gas at $3.64 a gallon, it will help!

I wish every Momma out there the best day ever!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday is here already.....

Weekends come so quickly and disappear even faster! Don't really have any pictures to share, except for Jacob holding Kadance. She will be 3 months old soon, I'm alittle worried about her, she always looks to the side, doesn't really track your face like I think a baby should. It's been a long time since my boys were that little, but shouldn't she look you in the face? Anybody have a suggestion, I'll take it, since she doesn't have insurance, the county health department is Anglynn's only choice for health care. I want to help make sure that the baby is developing ok. Anglynn is only 19 and a new mommy so, she doesn't know yet.

I'm working on my feathered friends exchange so can't show any pictures. Off to stitch before bed!