Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last day of school!

Today was the last day of school, such turmoil today. I found out that I will not be going to that new school. The person who I was suppose to replace decided not to retire. So guess what! That means I am displaced. I do not have a school to go to. My old boss is trying to pull some strings to see if I can get back to my old school, but I don't know. I don't have a good feeling about this.
So I may be joining the regular workforce after July. I can't leave the school until after that date or I lose my $900 dollar bonus. Which I was going to use to pay for Jason's senior dues and pictures and all.
Why me? I try so hard to be a hard worker, working when I'm sick and only taking personal days if my kids are sick, which only allotted to 2 days this past year, there is much more to this work issue at school, I hadn't planned on leaving my school, but a certain lady put up such a stink, that now, I'm losing my spot. I hope she's happy! She really needs to be fired, which I'm sure is coming to her. She stabbed me in the back, my boss in the back, and she pretty much has made work uneasy for the rest of us. So, wish me luck that I'll have a school to go to in the fall.
No pictures today. Too bummed to even fool with the camera.
Later gators!


Kim B said...

Oh no! That's terrible! We will be praying that things work out for you!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am so sorry to hear this! Dear me! I will be keeping you in my prayers and huggling you in my heart too.

Carol R said...

Oh no - that's so awful - can the new school do this? Offer you a job and then withdraw the offer? Can you make a claim? (what makes you think I worked in a law office?). Look into it - I am sure they can't do this to you.

Paisley said...

Oh no! I know how excited you were about the new position! I hope everything works out!

Vonna said...

Oh dear...Donna, I'm praying for you. Listen, I've found this to be SO TRUE in life - What goes around comes around - You're a good person with a heart of gold and God will not desert you in this. You'll get on, I'm sure.
Pray to St. Joseph he's the patron Saint of all Workers :) I will for you too! My love Donna, keep a stiff upper lip! You'll be fine!

Julie said...

Oh Donna! I am so sorry for you and this turn of events. I agree with Vonna. When one door closes, another opens. Be open to new ideas. Julie

Barbeeque4 said...

So sorry to about the work situation - but like Vonna said - what goes around comes around - and Karma is a Bi---!!! She will get hers!! Keeping you n my thought and prayers!!!



Kathy said...

Keep your chin up. You will end up with something even better than you thought. You will be the better person in all of this too.

Marie-P said...

The stinks! Rest easy, I firmly believe that "what goes around comes around"
I will say a prayer that you are not displaced and that you end up in the perfect school!

Try to keep your chin's hard I am sure.

Heidi said...

Big hugs to you Donna! I am so sorry to hear of this situation. I know what you mean about striving to be good and honest and feeling like the bad ones win. It will work itself out for the best so have faith. Keep your spirits up knowing that where you should be in life is out there just waiting for you. It could be getting reinstated but it could be a whole new adventure.

Hugs ~

Cheryl said...

Oh no Donna! I feel so bad for you. I really really hope things get sorted out for you

stitcherw said...

On no, what rotten news. I'll keep my fingers crossed it all works out and that you get a position you enjoy and one where you don't have to deal with someone like the one that caused so much trouble. {{hugs}}