Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sleeping baby........

I babysat Kadence yesterday, so her family could go to the funeral. She was very quiet, didn't make a sound the whole time. She took her bottle at 1pm and napped until her Mommy picked her up!
Thank you Vonna! Vonna sent me some of her favorite linen for my b-day, so I'm gonna get to try Sassy's linens. It's very nice, smooth feeling and not scratchy.
I'm planning my 4th of July party, I've lots to do. I always make little goodies to give to my family. So I'm gonna be busy this week getting the house cleaned and yummys made. Usually I have 15 people here, that's all my side of the family.
Update on my RA/PA, I will start a IV infusion called Remicade in a couple of weeks. I have to get a chest xray and a TB test, which I got the TB test yesterday, I go back Monday for them to check my test site. My other medication Methotraxate hasn't really done much, so we are gonna combine it with the Remicade.
No job news yet.
I got my floss in the mail, so I can start on Cheryl's rr, I'll be working on that this weekend. Still haven't decided what to stitch on Lesley's yet. so many to choose from!
Well, off to do some Saturday chores!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

By the way... my picture makes me look fat :(

My Birthday!

I have had a BUSY BIRTHDAY! My nieces were with me today, so it was early for me. The girls were up around 7:30am, thank goodness for Wonder Pets! on Nick Jr., we lazed in the bed till 8, then pancakes were in order, then to the mall for water fountain fun for the girls! They really like the water fountain. Hey, it's free! So I love it! McDonald's and Water, what more could a kid want?! Came home around 2:30, bath time and mad dash to Aunt Cathy's house, VBS tonight, the girls will spend tonight over there! I was back home by 5:45pm.

Now, my time starts! John took me out to my favorite hangout, Coach's Corner for drinks and fried potato chips with bacon and blue cheese! (You know what, I have probably gained ten pounds since school got out! Yikes!) I'm gonna have to go on a diet after the 4Th!

Played this crazy arcade game called Paradise Lost, it's a battle/shoot'em up game! Let's just say John and I blew our whole game card playing that game! It was so much fun!

Came home and crashed in front of the computer!

My Vera Bag came in the mail today! It's bigger than I thought! Hope I win the bid on the other one too!

I do have sad news, Angelyn's Daddy died last night of a heart attack. My heart goes out to her whole family! I'm gonna watch Kadence for her so they can do the planning and the funeral. I would like to go, but I know she needs me to watch the baby, so she can be strong for her Momma. Please pray for this family! Gary was the bread winner in the family and he did not have life insurance. Such a shame! He was such a nice guy and neighbor. He will be missed.

Well, I will leave you with lots of pictures! Thanks for all my birthday wishes!!!!!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

42 years ago, my mother blessed me with life! Thank you Momma! I love you!
I was the apple of their eye, still am after all these years. I will most likely post twice today. It is 12:11 am, and I can't sleep, so I'm cruising the internet highways!
My nieces are here tonight, they had VBS tonight and they came home all excited! I'm thankful for SIL Cathy for taking them! They will spend tomorrow night with Aunt Cathy, since I have to take my Daddy to the heart doctor Thursday morning.
Thank you Vonna for the email! I was excited to get all those! Thanks a million!
Well, that's it for now. I should try to sleep, the girlies will be up at the crack of dawn!
See ya!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Quick Post......

I will be kinda busy for Tuesday and Wednesday. I am babysitting my nieces while my sister takes a class. We had a great lunch on Saturday with my brother Patrick. We did go to Longhorn's Steak House. I was stuffed after we left! The soup was delicious as usual.
We had a Eagle ceremony to go to Saturday evening. Turned out nice, proud of those boys for earning their Eagles. Jacob has to get the mayor to agree to his Eagle project. Cross your fingers for him!
I received Cheryl and Leslye's rr's in the mail today from Lizzy. So I started looking for a pattern to stitch for both of them. The linen's are both beautiful! Lizzy is stitching on mine, then she will send it on to Edgar I do believe! Wahoo for getting back on track!
I can't believe June is almost over. How did that happen? I haven't done hardly anything I said I was gonna do! Oh well! Good intentions!
No pictures tonight, I'll have some tomorrow! I was very lucky and I won my Ebay Vera Bradley bag, I'm gonna use it to hold my patterns. I won the Small Travel Case, it zips up and will fit perfectly in my basket I've picked out! I also won my Ebay Just Cross Magazines, there were 8 issues in the batch! So I'm hoping to get those by next week. They are being sent by Media Mail so that will take longer I was informed. I've got another Vera bag on bid right now, would love to win that one too! Vera is a weakness for me :( :) :) My hubby just rolls his eyes!
Well, till tomorrow!

Friday, June 20, 2008

News from Lizzy!

Hi All,

Our dear friend Lizzy, whom I feared had died, is back! Yeah! She called me tonight with news on her behalf. Lizzy had been very sick and in the hospital and sounded very frail, but she is getting better, so I am happy to say that I won't have to restitch three linens! Hooray for me! I would have, mind you, but now I won't have too.

Lizzy has endured a long time being ill and is getting better, so I'm happy for her! I talked to her for a long time tonight and I think she enjoyed talking to me! A kindred soul if I do say so for myself! She worried herself sick that we were upset with her. I told her that I was not and that I was happy that she was getting better. She hopes to update her blog soon. So keep a eye out for her my friends!

I didn't stitch not one bit today, I did go fabric searching for my Quaker exchange, love it, love it, love it! What do you think?

I know that my Quaker exchange partner doesn't know me, so I'll show what I stitched, I'm gonna make her the best gift! Pictures will be later, I have to assemble the masterpiece!

My brother Patrick is taking John and I out for lunch tomorrow! Longhorn steak House here we come! They have the best French Onion Soup! I've tried several versions, and they have the best!

Off to bed, must be rested for tomorrow! A good night to all!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to John!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday! He turned 46! He had to work of course, but I did bake him a cake plus I bought a Honey Baked ham for dinner. Homemade mac and cheese, that item is a staple in our household. My family does not like the box kind.

John's picture is not the best, he was in the process of blowing out his candle! He's my #1 man!

He will hate knowing I put his picture up, but at least his Mom will get to see him. Hi Shirley!

Today is my side effect day from my meds. I take a weekly dose for my PA/RA, the next day I have a upset tummy. Coke is my big friend on Thursdays!

Friends, I am trying to organize my floss-well I hope too. I wonder, should I use the plastic bobbin winders to hold my floss, the DMC floss box that I bought had cardboard, but they seem flimsy. Has anyone used the cardboard kind? Versus plastic? I know the plastic are more, but I'd rather not have to rewind.

No news on the job front, talked to Human Resources yesterday, there had been a misunderstanding about me, they thought I wanted to go to Pucketts Mill, NOT!!!!!! It is farther, I cannot work for a militant bitch, excuse that, my manager knew that, so why did everyone think that I wanted to go to that school? So, for the past couple of weeks here, my file has been just sitting there! I'm furious, sometimes county employment is not the greatest. So if I can't get a transfer to another school, by July 15th or so, I have to either work at Pucketts Mill or quit the county. The way I feel right now is to quit, but I had hoped to work school hours until my youngest had graduated.

I hate to vent to my stitching friends, but I don't have anyone to vent to other than my family, and my momma thinks I should seek legal advice, but if I do that, I'll risk the possibility of being chosen for a transfer. What a freakin mess! Since I didn't have seniority, I got dumped from my school. I should never had stood up for Hope, I really think that's why I'm in this mess. From now on, I'm not gonna try to befriend anyone else in the school system. It doesn't pay to be nice.


Ok, vent over, now on to stitching goodies! I just subscribed to Just Cross Stitch, so can't wait to get my first issue. I always miss it at the store, plus they never seem to carry more than 3 or 4 when they come out.

I have recently came upon Mary Garry Sewing Cabin designs. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any to buy. So I'm looking for some. I saw one of a girl holding a leash with her pet cat or dog, I want to get that one if possible.

Well, this post seems to be running on, so I'll leave you to stitch! I've got to pick out a design for my first Make A Wish exchange! I get to stitch for Chantel, she wants a pincushion! So I'm off to search for a pin cushion to make for her! Cheers!



Monday, June 16, 2008

Whew, what a day.......

I'm gonna tell you, I was a lazy hound dog! I woke up feeling very tired and achy, I couldn't even open the jelly jar this morning. Some days I am good as gold and then I have days like today. I wish my new meds would start to help me. I go back to see my rheumatologist next week, so hopefully I get news that I want!

I did hear of grand news from Kim over at Stitchful Thinking, she's gonna have a baby!!!! New babies are always so much fun. Well, for me it is, I don't have to deal with the bad parts! Congrats to Kim!

I've been working on my Halloween RR, my house is slowly taking shape. I haven't had to frog too much yet. I'm gauging as I go. I figure everyone will get to decorate a room in my spooky house!

Jacob is all a twitter! His friend Abby is coming over tomorrow. He's re-arranged his room and he's cleaning like you wouldn't believe! (haha) Trying to impress her I guess. I'll try to take a picture of them tomorrow.

My music link didn't work, don't know what I did wrong. I will have to try again!

No news yet on my school position. I'll keep posting for new jobs until the mid of July. If I'm not placed by then, I'll have to make the bold step as to whether I'll leave the school system. I'm hoping that I won't have too.

I know my Momma is happy that Tiger Woods won, I'll bet the neighbors could hear her cheering him on! I love you Momma!

Well, my hands are hurting tonight, so I'm gonna sign off for tonight! Goodnight dear friends!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Loving Life!

You know what friends? Life is far too short to worry, and I'm not saying I've had an epiphany, but this morning when I woke up, I just felt blessed that I was here. I've had a pretty good day! My son Jacob graciously gave up money for his Dad's Father Day's present. Now folks, that is something special. Jacob is such a stingy person when it comes to money. That will be good for him later in life I hope, but today he mulled over what to get his Daddy. I don't know if any of you remember Ren & Stimpy, a cartoon we used to watch alot( this cartoon is really for adults ) well we found the lost episode DVD, I know John will love it!
I started stitching on my Halloween RR, I'm attempting my own outline, so wish me luck on that venture. I see it in my mind, just hope I don't have to frog to much!
I am the goddess of kitchen culinary again! I outdid myself tonight for dinner! All who ate were blown away by the yummy goodness! (I really shouldn't cook like this too often, they will come to expect it everyday!) I made stuffed chicken breast with Monterrey jack cheeses, it really was good.
Next Wednesday my John will be 46, I'm gonna get a HoneyBaked Ham for his birthday dinner. He loves that ham! Hey, what can we say, we are raised in the south! I'm gonna get him another gun to add to his collection(well, I'll tell him he can go buy one! hahaha) Guns do go in a gun safe my friends! Safety always! We do love target and clay shooting!
Well, I've talked your ears off tonight! I've tried to add some music to my blog, I know it can be done, just unsure if the link will work. Michael Buble is one of my favorites to listen too.
Hugs to all!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm loving my frame!

Just thought I'd at least show you a couple of pictures. I'm so loving my frame! It has helped so much with my hands. I've finished stitching my Quaker Critter, now I need to decide what To do with it! Gonna try and sneak a peek at my partners blog to see what she likes!

John was playing with Daisy last night, he handed her this empty Coke bottle, and she tried to bite the bottle, well, she looked so cute I just had to take the picture.

Well, news on the job front....... I've put in for 3 other jobs in the school system, Media Clerk, Special Ed. Stellar Sub, Parapro in Special Ed. I do have some experience with the Special Ed. department, before I worked in the cafeteria, I subbed in the Special Ed. class. I kick myself everyday since then, I turned down the job back in 99, but Jacob was still in Elem. school and I refused to have Jacob put in daycare after school. Our schools are staggered by times. An Jacob would have had to go to after school daycare, well, by the time I paid out for daycare, I was working for next to nothing. So I waited until just a few years ago to go back to work.

Well, enough of that!

Stitching is planned for later, I promised to make cookies! So off to slave in the kitchen! (haha)

ps: Vonna, that was the sweetest thing to say! Thanks so much!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm plum tuckered out......

No rest for the weary they say. Today was spent chopping and stacking firewood for the fall. On Saturday, John and the boys went out firewood hunting. They returned with 2 loads of firewood. Now, I didn't chop much, but I chopped my fair share. It's alot harder than I remember. John and I worked for about 2 hours. It was 100 degrees out today. I probably shouldn't have worked out in the heat, but, the firewood is for my benefit. The boys know how much the fire is such a comfort to me in the fall and winter.

Johnny had to re teach me how to sling an axe. I didn't do to bad, a couple of misses, but I did kind of get the hang of it. I'm very tired right now, my legs and arms feel wobbly. We stacked what is on the porch, half of it we chopped, the other half was cut up into logs by the guys yesterday.

Now, it's off to dinner and stitching!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Great mail day for me!

I had 2 packages waiting for me today, Heidi sent me my F&S squares, 4th of July ones, plus my linen that I ordered for my Halloween rr. The linen looks so much better in person. I had a hard time getting a good picture.

John and I went out for dinner and drinks! We had a great time. We alternate so we have a sober driver. I was the driver tonight! I was hit by a drunk driver when I was little, so I am always careful! Better to be safe than sorry!

I've also been working on some handmade one of a kind Eagle invitations for my friends whose sons have earned the Eagle Scout Rank. Go Neil, Ben and Matthew! My Jacob will be next to earn his! Can't wait till he does!

Well, off to finish those invitations.

See ya!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lookie what I got!!!!!

My early birthday present came! My Needlework System. So far, it's been awesome! How did I stitch without this thing! I'm still getting the hang of two handed stitching.

I'm waiting on my linen for Halloween RR! I'm a closet vampire nut, so my outlet will be the new witching for stitching site. Check it out often, as I'm adding new artwork regularly.

Both my boys are sun burnt like fried bacon! I feel for them, I've been trying to stay out of the sun. I went and got aloe vera for them today. You can't forget to reapply the sunscreen while swimming!

No word yet from Lizzy, so I don't know whether to travel to N.C. or not. I've still got my fingers crossed.

Working on my Quaker Critter exchange, so no pictures yet!

Off to stitch!