Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm loving my frame!

Just thought I'd at least show you a couple of pictures. I'm so loving my frame! It has helped so much with my hands. I've finished stitching my Quaker Critter, now I need to decide what To do with it! Gonna try and sneak a peek at my partners blog to see what she likes!

John was playing with Daisy last night, he handed her this empty Coke bottle, and she tried to bite the bottle, well, she looked so cute I just had to take the picture.

Well, news on the job front....... I've put in for 3 other jobs in the school system, Media Clerk, Special Ed. Stellar Sub, Parapro in Special Ed. I do have some experience with the Special Ed. department, before I worked in the cafeteria, I subbed in the Special Ed. class. I kick myself everyday since then, I turned down the job back in 99, but Jacob was still in Elem. school and I refused to have Jacob put in daycare after school. Our schools are staggered by times. An Jacob would have had to go to after school daycare, well, by the time I paid out for daycare, I was working for next to nothing. So I waited until just a few years ago to go back to work.

Well, enough of that!

Stitching is planned for later, I promised to make cookies! So off to slave in the kitchen! (haha)

ps: Vonna, that was the sweetest thing to say! Thanks so much!!!!!!!


Julie said...

Hello Donna!
I'll be hoping you get one of those positions.
What type of cookies did you make?
Daisy looks cute in both pictures. My cats love those plastic milk rings.

Kendra said...

Please don't kick yourself for turning down that job a few years ago. I've turned down 2 full-time teaching jobs that were outright offered to me because I didn't want to put my daughter in day care. I've been out of teaching for 7 years now and probably won't be the slightest bit marketable as a teacher when my girls are old enough for me to go back to work full-time...but that's OK. Even though I have days when I would gladly pack them off somewhere, ANYWHERE, just so I could have even just 1 hour to myself, I'm glad I've been able to stay home with them. I'm hoping they'll appreciate it one day... :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your frame!

Kim B said...

You look like one happy stitcher!!!

I think making your family and your kids a top priority is something to commend yourself for, not kick yourself for!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love killer kitty girl! LOL! The look on her face! Praying you get one of the jobs my dear. And your frame looks awesome! You look mighty comfy there too!

Carol R said...

You certainly look like you are enjoying your Needlework System - such a lovely picture of you.

Good luck on the job hunt - any school will be lucky to get you.

Shelley said...

Congrats on your frame, I hear that one is the best!

Daisy is adorable. :)

Vonna said...

Isn't that frame the best?! I swear my hands and elbows don't ache at all since I got it...LOVE IT!
And my comment was truly spoken and here you are again looking lovely. I sit and look like a frump!

LoriRay said...

You look truly happy with your frame. Enjoy!

By the way...happy early birthday! I see it's 11 days until your birthday so I thought I'd tell you now in case I miss it. ;-) LOL

Lennu said...

What a great photo of you! And Daisy is so cute :)