Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Birthday!

I have had a BUSY BIRTHDAY! My nieces were with me today, so it was early for me. The girls were up around 7:30am, thank goodness for Wonder Pets! on Nick Jr., we lazed in the bed till 8, then pancakes were in order, then to the mall for water fountain fun for the girls! They really like the water fountain. Hey, it's free! So I love it! McDonald's and Water, what more could a kid want?! Came home around 2:30, bath time and mad dash to Aunt Cathy's house, VBS tonight, the girls will spend tonight over there! I was back home by 5:45pm.

Now, my time starts! John took me out to my favorite hangout, Coach's Corner for drinks and fried potato chips with bacon and blue cheese! (You know what, I have probably gained ten pounds since school got out! Yikes!) I'm gonna have to go on a diet after the 4Th!

Played this crazy arcade game called Paradise Lost, it's a battle/shoot'em up game! Let's just say John and I blew our whole game card playing that game! It was so much fun!

Came home and crashed in front of the computer!

My Vera Bag came in the mail today! It's bigger than I thought! Hope I win the bid on the other one too!

I do have sad news, Angelyn's Daddy died last night of a heart attack. My heart goes out to her whole family! I'm gonna watch Kadence for her so they can do the planning and the funeral. I would like to go, but I know she needs me to watch the baby, so she can be strong for her Momma. Please pray for this family! Gary was the bread winner in the family and he did not have life insurance. Such a shame! He was such a nice guy and neighbor. He will be missed.

Well, I will leave you with lots of pictures! Thanks for all my birthday wishes!!!!!



Kendra said...

Happy Birthday!

The Vera Little Travel Case is a great stash bag....I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Carol R said...

Happy Birthday.
Sorry to hear of your neighbour's death.

Barbeeque4 said...

What super cute snaps!!!! it sounds like you had a great birthday!! So sorry to hear about your loss!

Vonna said...

Happy Birthday Donna!
And you DO NOT look fat!

I am so sorry for Angelyn's (I don't think I spelled that right)
loss...that's tough all around, I pray that everything will be ok for the family.