Monday, June 23, 2008

Quick Post......

I will be kinda busy for Tuesday and Wednesday. I am babysitting my nieces while my sister takes a class. We had a great lunch on Saturday with my brother Patrick. We did go to Longhorn's Steak House. I was stuffed after we left! The soup was delicious as usual.
We had a Eagle ceremony to go to Saturday evening. Turned out nice, proud of those boys for earning their Eagles. Jacob has to get the mayor to agree to his Eagle project. Cross your fingers for him!
I received Cheryl and Leslye's rr's in the mail today from Lizzy. So I started looking for a pattern to stitch for both of them. The linen's are both beautiful! Lizzy is stitching on mine, then she will send it on to Edgar I do believe! Wahoo for getting back on track!
I can't believe June is almost over. How did that happen? I haven't done hardly anything I said I was gonna do! Oh well! Good intentions!
No pictures tonight, I'll have some tomorrow! I was very lucky and I won my Ebay Vera Bradley bag, I'm gonna use it to hold my patterns. I won the Small Travel Case, it zips up and will fit perfectly in my basket I've picked out! I also won my Ebay Just Cross Magazines, there were 8 issues in the batch! So I'm hoping to get those by next week. They are being sent by Media Mail so that will take longer I was informed. I've got another Vera bag on bid right now, would love to win that one too! Vera is a weakness for me :( :) :) My hubby just rolls his eyes!
Well, till tomorrow!


Kendra said...

I've gotten into Vera Bradley stuff lately myself. I have 2 of the Little Travel Cases for my stitching, plus I just won a Lindsay purse last week...$67 purse and I got it for $26. I just love it, too. I want more...LOL!

Wendy said...

How great that your RR's are getting back on track. Better late than never.

And I have a secret addiction to Vera Bradley bags. I just got the small travel case last week (from Ebay :-) I'm on the search for a tote bag.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Glad you got your goodies! Enjoy!

Michele said...

another VB addict here :) I have the small travel bag in Citus and I love it! Works really well for stitching projects :) I just won a lap top bag in an older retired pattern .. and this will work incredible well for stitching projects too! Plus I have a few purses too :) lol