Monday, June 16, 2008

Whew, what a day.......

I'm gonna tell you, I was a lazy hound dog! I woke up feeling very tired and achy, I couldn't even open the jelly jar this morning. Some days I am good as gold and then I have days like today. I wish my new meds would start to help me. I go back to see my rheumatologist next week, so hopefully I get news that I want!

I did hear of grand news from Kim over at Stitchful Thinking, she's gonna have a baby!!!! New babies are always so much fun. Well, for me it is, I don't have to deal with the bad parts! Congrats to Kim!

I've been working on my Halloween RR, my house is slowly taking shape. I haven't had to frog too much yet. I'm gauging as I go. I figure everyone will get to decorate a room in my spooky house!

Jacob is all a twitter! His friend Abby is coming over tomorrow. He's re-arranged his room and he's cleaning like you wouldn't believe! (haha) Trying to impress her I guess. I'll try to take a picture of them tomorrow.

My music link didn't work, don't know what I did wrong. I will have to try again!

No news yet on my school position. I'll keep posting for new jobs until the mid of July. If I'm not placed by then, I'll have to make the bold step as to whether I'll leave the school system. I'm hoping that I won't have too.

I know my Momma is happy that Tiger Woods won, I'll bet the neighbors could hear her cheering him on! I love you Momma!

Well, my hands are hurting tonight, so I'm gonna sign off for tonight! Goodnight dear friends!



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hi sweetie! Sorry you felt so rough the other day! Funny about the young lady coming over getting you know who so busy! LOL! Huggles!

Kim B said...

Thank you for your wonderful happy wishes on our new baby! You are so sweet!!

I can't wait to see your Halloween RR take shape as it gets mailed around! You are so clever! I will be so excited to see everyone's contribution to the house!

Michele said...

Can't wait to see how your Halloween House comes out .. I love the idea of everyone decorating their own room!

Hope you are having a better day :)

Carol R said...

Great idea to do a Halloween House Donna - I will be watching this one grow!
Hope you are feeling better now?

Wendy said...

Your Halloween House is coming along! Sorry you are feeling so achy, I hope the news meds start to work soon.