Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Very quick post......

Band camp started Monday, 8am to 9pm, all week. Plus my inservice training for cafeteria workers starts on Tuesday thru Thursday. So, I go to work, then get home around 4pm and then hurry up to the high school to help out. I've got 21 more uniforms left to hem or let out. All uniforms must be completed by Aug.7th. Yikes! The kids have band pictures that day. So I hurry to school and start sewing, I have my sewing machine set up in the uniform room. They gave me a room just for uniforms and storing stuff. Whoopee! I'm very tired, gotta get back up at 5:30am tomorrow to get ready to do it all again.
So, just wanted ya'll not to worry if I don't blog much this week! I've got to squeeze in time to get my Redwork exchange finished and out in the mail.
Eyelids are drooping, must retire to bed!
See ya!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Family pics and stitching update on HFFRR!

I finally got the pictures downloaded of Cheryl's rr. It is looking super. Tomorrow I'm off to the post office to mail this on to Edgar. We got out of order with Lizzy being unwell, and now we are back on schedule.

Little Bony girl is just as sweet as can be. Daisygirl has taken to her and has started grooming her too. I'm so happy that they will be friends. I know Daisy gets lonely during the days during school when we aren't home. So hopefully the new kitten will be company. Numerous times Daisy has tried to play with the dog, but Brutus won't have nothing to do with it!

Here's a pic of my nephew, he's home until Aug.1st. Then is stationed in Washington State. Crazy boy! We love him though.

Our a/c is back on and it's wonderful! How did I stand not having air as a kid? My brother Patrick saved the day! Thanks so much little bro! I love you!

I'm almost finished with Vonna's Halloween RR. I'm loving the Quaker cat I'm doing for her!

My Redwork exchange is finished, just have to assemble the goodness! I've already got the extra goodies ready to go. I sure hope she likes it! So no pictures on that one.

I've had to move my RA/PA meds to Fridays, as to try and adjust before school starts. I start Remicade next Friday. It is a 2 hour IV infusion, so you know I'll be taking my cross stitch with me!

Off to stitch!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do you wanna know what the part cost?

We ordered the part, guess how much? $72.95 !!!!!!
Can you believe how much that company was trying to rip us off? Come on! I can understand wanting to make some profit, but a 400% increase? I'm glad that at least John is a electrician and can do the work to save us the money. (I know he just didn't want to have to do it!) hahaha
My brother is coming over with the part, he picked it up for us since he was closer to the supply house. Thank you Patrick!!!!! What a great guy he is!
Took my nieces to the scrap booking shop, so much fun was had by all!
We have our band camp meeting tonight! So I will be out late tonight dealing with 80 parents and all my band kids. Full camp starts next week. Long days for us. Plus I have to work 3 days to get my school ready. Good grief! Where did my summer go? Wahhhhhhhh!
Well, off to get dinner going!
Wish us success on getting the part installed tonight!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a storm last night.......

edited at 2:45pm
It was gonna cost close to $600 bucks, my hubby says no way, he can fix it! So I'm off for under the house to look up parts numbers!

OMGosh! Lightning hit the house last night, burnt up the a/c motor on our central air conditioner! So, no air last night. Good grief, it was hot. I've called a repair company to come today and since it's an emergency call, I know it's gonna cost big bucks. So cross your fingers folks that it's not too terribly much.
I've got alot done on Vonna's Halloween RR, I'll snap a picture once the battery charges. Well, won't stay on long, waiting on the repair guy to come, I ought to straighten up the house! hehe

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Senior Pictures!

Well, much to Jason's horror of having to be made to get his picture taken, he conceded! Yes, Mom was victorious!!!!!! Let me just say it was like having your tooth pulled. I had to make sure of everything, clean clothes, did you take a shower? Brush your teeth? What about your hair?

Well, at least he gets a couple of months off before we have to have cap and gown pictures made.

I think he looks super handsome. I wished I knew how to use my camera like Vonna! I guess I'll have to read the darn manual. sigh.

I just have to finish W, X, Y, and Z and Cheryl's RR will be finished! Hope to finish it today and have it in the mail early this week.

Well, this post will be short, my niece Katie is celebrating her 14th birthday! I'll of course take pictures! See ya later tonight!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good news! I got the job!

I feel better now. I got the call tonight around 7pm, so I wasn't expecting it. The manager at Harbins Elem. School called my house to let me know I got the job. So I'm happy about that. I clocked the miles and it is only 5 miles one way! so just think of the gas savings and wear and tear on my car! I'm very happy about getting closer to home! Thanks to all who sent encouraging thoughts and well wishes for the new job! I appreciated everyone!
Just received Vonna's RR today! So I gotta decide what to stitch! I love Vonna's hand dyed linen!Little Bella doing great, negative on Feline FIV disease. Thank goodness for that. She is so lovely! She has even turned John into butter. (Don't let him read this! haha)
Jason has senior pictures again tomorrow. Today was the tux shot, and tomorrow will be the casual shots. So busy day for us.
Well, off to prepare Vonna's linen!
Night friends!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Does anyone have a biscornu tutorial?

I'd love to try and make one! So any links would be put to good use! ?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick update!

Bella the bony maroni(that's what John call the new kitty) is doing good today. She's eating a little more today, and sleeps lots!
On my job interview, I think it went well, the manager seemed to like me and she said she had already talked to my manager from Duncan Creek and liked what she heard. She told me I'd know what her decision would be by the end of the week. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I've mailed my Halloween RR to Ulla Finland! Hopefully she will have it by next Monday. They told me 5 to 7 days, so we will see!
Daisy is doing better about the new kitten. Thank goodness! I've been making sure I hold Daisy every chance she comes by. Don't want my girl to be jealous!
I'm tired! Band camp was tonight, it was muggy outside for the kids. I got 4 more uniforms to fix. I've got to set up the sewing machine tomorrow and start hemming. That's what I'll plan on doing tomorrow! Sigh.........
Well, it's late again and I need some stitching time!

Monday, July 14, 2008

A new addition to the household!

Well, we are the proud owners of a new baby kitty. We found this tiny baby Sunday morning on our way to pick up Jacob from church. I almost ran over the little kitty. It was raining and she was starved to death. You could feel every bone in her body. I spent most of my Sunday crying because of the treatment this baby has endured. Plus the fact that we already own 2 cats and a dog. It is expensive to have pets, and I always make sure my pets are spayed or neutered and current on shots. Well, long story short, I love my husband, he let us keep the newest critter.
I spent most of the night up with the new baby. Monday morning dawned and my vet could see us at 9am. We named her Belle(Bony if you ask John), she weighed 1 lb and 3 oz. 8 weeks old, very malnourished, worms, the whole kit and caboodle. We are waiting on the Feline Leukemia test to come back. Pray that it's negative. We will try our best to plump her up quickly. She crys when you put her down, she is most happiest being held. Jacob is in 7th heaven over her, she seems to want Jacob to hold her the most.
Daisy(my baby) is abit jealous at the moment. I'm trying not to hold Belle to much around Daisy. Boo Boo Kitty and Brutus seem not to mind to much.
I'm mailing off my Halloween RR tomorrow! I'm assembling my Redwork exchange for SBEBB. I'm very happy with how it turned out! Can't wait to show you pictures!
Off for the night! Very tired! Job interview tomorrow! Cross your fingers!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thank you Michele!

Look what sweet Michele sent me! She sent me some floss and the cutest napkins I've ever seen! (I needed Bella Rosa!) Thanks so much for the birthday surprise!

I've been stitching on a exchange for the SBEBB. So no pictures, but it's gonna be great!

I'm starting to worry, my partner in the Quaker Critter hasn't blogged about receiving my exchange I made for her, I'm worried! I specifically stitched in these colors for her, I sure hope she gets my package soon! I sent it first class on the 27th of June. Please Mr.Postman, hurry up and deliver to her!

John has some of this week off( well we think he will) I hope if he does he can rest some. I know he already has plans. We are gonna plan to try and sneak off one evening for dinner, just the two of us.

Cross your fingers friends, I have a interview on Tuesday at Harbins Elem. School for a cashier in the cafeteria! Please let me get it! I so want this job!

Well, here it is midnight again. It's gonna kill me to get back in to school hours again. Ugh!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

My first wish granted!

Look at my Halloween biscornu! Amy granted my first wish from the Make A Wish exchange group! It is perfect! I love it! Can't wait to display it on my mantel during October!

Here is my progress on Cheryl's rr! It is looking great!

We have band camp again tonight. So this will be short! Have a great day!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update on RR stitching.....

I've started on Cheryl's rr. I've modified it just a little to fit in the square that I picked to stitch in. It's coming along nicely. I love LHN patterns, they are so sweet and perfect. I'd love to get the girl with the rooster!

Look what Anna sent me! I love it! I can't wait to stitch the little girl! The silk thread is so soft! Thanks Anna! I love everything you sent me!

Jacob had band camp tonight. I went along of course to work in the band room. I fitted one boy tonight, that youngun was huge. Tall, I'll have to let out the hem in his uniform bib. I'm having to let out hems alot this year I fear. I looked over the bunch, and most of the boys look taller.

I'm working on 2 exchanges, so I can't show those.

We are having rain this evening, I'm glad, we are in a drought again, I know we never got out of the drought during this past winter. So any rain is good!

Well, off to stitch alittle more, I'll leave you with a picture of how most our evenings are spent.

Me, stitching, Jacob-listening to Zune and watching TV, Jason-on the computer playing World of Warcraft! He's attached at the hip to that game! John is usually sleeping by this time.

Have a great night!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Wanting to trade...Serious inquiries contact me.

I am wanting to trade for any Mary Garry pattern(prefer Seasonal Mementos, the one with the witch and santa) in exchange for your choice of Just Nan Over the Top kits, Sizzle or Hop, or the Sizzle Fob kit. Pictures are submitted. They are brand new, never opened. I'm on the Just Nan auto program, so I get them first when they come out.

I've been trying to find any of her patterns, but I'm stinking at Ebay, plus not lucking out on finding any patterns available. So if you are willing to trade and you like Just Nan, let me know!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Look what I got!

My SBBC special person was Nela, and this is what she sent me. It is beautiful! I can't even express myself over this piece! It is fantastic, one of a kind, perfect for when I have my tea parties! The work she put into this teapot is incredible. So much detail! Thank you Nela for such a perfect gift!

I've started on Cheryl's HFFRR, stitching along my merry way. Hope it stitches up quickly, cause I also have Lesyle's rr to stitch also. Busy, busy, busy!

Well, my cookout went wonderfully yesterday! Thanks to my whole family for spending the day with us! It was fun!

See ya!


Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Loads of pictures!

Well, the mailman was good to me today! Let's see..... got my new Vera bag that I won on Ebay, a magazine I won(didn't have the pattern I thought was in it! bummer), a SB pattern I bid on also came. I've got to leave Ebay alone!!!!

Then I got my Quaker Critter exchange, I got the cutest little turtle pillow plus some chocolate. I received 2 PIF's also today. First one was from Mary Kathryn, awesome little pin pillow! Second one was from Julie, I love the pinkeep! Both will go right in my basket of treasures! I need to get on my PIF's! I'd kinda forgotten them. As I only have 3, it shouldn't be too bad!

A Happy Birthday wish goes out to Vonna!

I'm working on finishing up my part of my Halloween RR, house is complete, just adding a few little friends to keep the house from feeling lonely!

I'm also working on 2 exchanges, so no pictures yet of those.

Well, off to clean house for my 4th of July party!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Patrick!

I always have a big 4th of July party, so I have been busy getting ready for that. Got my lights hung up on the back porch, gonna decorate my mantel tomorrow.
Gonna take my brother out for lunch for his birthday. He turned 38 today, I wish him a very happy birthday and many more!!!!!
Got alot to do! So this will be short!
Happy Days!