Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick update!

Bella the bony maroni(that's what John call the new kitty) is doing good today. She's eating a little more today, and sleeps lots!
On my job interview, I think it went well, the manager seemed to like me and she said she had already talked to my manager from Duncan Creek and liked what she heard. She told me I'd know what her decision would be by the end of the week. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I've mailed my Halloween RR to Ulla Finland! Hopefully she will have it by next Monday. They told me 5 to 7 days, so we will see!
Daisy is doing better about the new kitten. Thank goodness! I've been making sure I hold Daisy every chance she comes by. Don't want my girl to be jealous!
I'm tired! Band camp was tonight, it was muggy outside for the kids. I got 4 more uniforms to fix. I've got to set up the sewing machine tomorrow and start hemming. That's what I'll plan on doing tomorrow! Sigh.........
Well, it's late again and I need some stitching time!


Carol R said...

Good vibes for the job Donna.

I had a cat called Daisy - she was white with yellow eyes like ... a daisy! I will try to find a photo and post on my blog.

Jenn said...

Glad to hear that Bella is doing well. She's a cutie from the pics you put up. Your Halloween RR is going to look cool inside the 'house' you stitched.

anna said...

Ohhhh... you made me cry... I'd do the same... I know I can't but i know I will, if need be... In no time, she'll be a biiiig, lovely cat who'll love you all to death... she already seems to!! :) Poor thing... I wish I could hug her and tell her lots about all the sweet things that will happen to her now in her new life... just so she knows!! :)

Kim B said...

Bella the bony maroni! I love it! When we were dog-sitting my BIL's dog, Trent, for a year I used to call the dog "Trensteroni Macaroni Noodle Goosey Goosey San Francisco Treat." Seriously he was just that cute!