Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update on RR stitching.....

I've started on Cheryl's rr. I've modified it just a little to fit in the square that I picked to stitch in. It's coming along nicely. I love LHN patterns, they are so sweet and perfect. I'd love to get the girl with the rooster!

Look what Anna sent me! I love it! I can't wait to stitch the little girl! The silk thread is so soft! Thanks Anna! I love everything you sent me!

Jacob had band camp tonight. I went along of course to work in the band room. I fitted one boy tonight, that youngun was huge. Tall, I'll have to let out the hem in his uniform bib. I'm having to let out hems alot this year I fear. I looked over the bunch, and most of the boys look taller.

I'm working on 2 exchanges, so I can't show those.

We are having rain this evening, I'm glad, we are in a drought again, I know we never got out of the drought during this past winter. So any rain is good!

Well, off to stitch alittle more, I'll leave you with a picture of how most our evenings are spent.

Me, stitching, Jacob-listening to Zune and watching TV, Jason-on the computer playing World of Warcraft! He's attached at the hip to that game! John is usually sleeping by this time.

Have a great night!



Cheryl said...

Oooh my RR! Its so good to see it again :)

Wendy said...

Very nice start on Cheryl's RR!

Vonna said...

Your boys just make me smile...Look at Jacob all sweet and cozy under his blanket and smiling shyly :)
And then Jason playing his game...reminds me of my two boys...SWEETIES they are Donna!