Monday, July 7, 2008

Wanting to trade...Serious inquiries contact me.

I am wanting to trade for any Mary Garry pattern(prefer Seasonal Mementos, the one with the witch and santa) in exchange for your choice of Just Nan Over the Top kits, Sizzle or Hop, or the Sizzle Fob kit. Pictures are submitted. They are brand new, never opened. I'm on the Just Nan auto program, so I get them first when they come out.

I've been trying to find any of her patterns, but I'm stinking at Ebay, plus not lucking out on finding any patterns available. So if you are willing to trade and you like Just Nan, let me know!



Anonymous said...

i am sorry i cant help but good luck

anna said...

I wish I could find some MG patterns as well.... Good luck! I adore the giftie you got, lucky you!!! It's an amazing piece!!