Monday, August 11, 2008

Survived the first day of school!

What a day! It turned out better than I had hoped! It makes me feel better and I won't be terrified to go back tomorrow! All the little bunnys who came to lunch today, hurry, hurry , hurry! Poor teachers, they looked so harried!

I hope my baby sis survived her first day too! I know she will excel!

I just ate the best tasting fresh pear ever! My husband John picks out the best fruit. I stink in that department.

I am thrilled! Today I got back a package I had sent to Mercy! It came back undeliverable, so I will try again! I'm so happy that it didn't disappear! I worked so hard on that Quaker Critter exchange!


kimstitch3 said...

I work in a toddler room at a local church doing mothers day out and we had to criers for almost the whole day. They refused naps too, which made it so much worse. I'm alive and ready to fight again Take care,Kimberly

I'm gonna go relax and stitch for a bit now.

Carol R said...

Glad to hear that the first day wasn't tooo bad!
Glad that Mercy's critter returned to the fold.