Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First football game.......

We didn't win. 23 - 15. But, the band sounded awesome!!!!!! Ask me if I really pay attention to the football games? Nah, I spend my whole game directing kids to the bathroom, putting on plumes for half-time, water breaks, instrument checks. I don't really have time for the football game. This game was away, this Friday's game will be a home game. Insanity! We play Collins Hill! It will be very crowded for that game! I've got 3 uniforms that need repaired. So I have until Thursday to get them fixed. Mostly it will be sewing on snaps now. The kids wear a sequin vestie under their uniform that snaps to the bib. Most of the youngun's just rip, instead of slowly removing the vestie. So.....that means I sew snaps every game.
I am stitching on a exchange! I'm making Edgar's wish. I need to send on Vonna's Halloween RR . So I'll be visiting the post office tomorrow!
I'm outta here! I'm gonna try to walk alittle tonight!

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Tammy said...

Sounds like fun! My son doesn't play football, but we sure love to watch!