Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun night at the fair!

Every year my hubby takes me to the fair. We had such a fun time, this year we met up with my brother Patrick and his girlfriend Beverly. We didn't ride any rides, but just walked around looking at exhibits and eating fair food! Yummy! I won this monkey for my Momma. ( Well, I paid the money for the monkey instead of fishing for him.) Then Sunday John took me out to Red Lobster. One of our favorite places to eat!

On a more somber note, John's sister is in the hospital. Her MS complicates matters, so we are hoping that she gets out by Tuesday. She's been in since Thursday of last week.

On the stitching front, I've almost finished my Halloween Ornament Exchange piece. I've got to assemble Edgar's MAW and get it sent off in the mail, so no stitchy pictures just yet!

My son Jason is dealing with a kidney stone too, we are stone producers! Both my boys now have been dealt a stone, plus all the stones I've passed! I've passed 42 since 1994! That's very bad. I've passed on a tendency to produce stones to my kids! Sorry guys! Now you know what Momma goes through!

Busy week ahead, we did lose our football game again. The team is very inexperienced as we lost alot of seniors last year.

Hoping everyone has a great week!

PS: Ignore the spot on my shirt, I spilled my rootbeer float on myself! I just hope it washes out!


anna said...

You look so young and lovely! :)
Bummer for the stones, I know smthg about those, too!

Vonna said...

Looks like the fair wsa a great good time! :o)
And I'm so sorry to hear of John's sister being in the hospital and of the stone your son is passing...that is horrible.

Michele said...

What a fun time at the fair you too had! I do love a good state fair :)

sorry to hear about John's sis .. hope your son's stone passes soon .. they are no fun!