Monday, September 8, 2008

Newsy Update!

Well, we lost again. but, the band sounded better than the first game! We have an away game Friday.

I worked all weekend on completing 140 wedding invitations. Whew! Glad they are done. Tiffany wanted something simple and elegant. This is what she choose for me to make. I think they turned out nice. Justin was happy I went with navy blue instead of grey. The grey looked too washed out. I don't know if the sparkle will show up. Each invite has a blue rhinestone as an accent.

Working on exchanges, small progress since I worked mostly on the invites.

Well, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to stitch more.

I've been over the moon trying to find a Tilda book, Su has made the cutest little bears! I love them! I want to make them for my nieces!

So off for me tonight! Did anyone see the new show on HBO? TrueBlood? I'm hooked! I love vampire stories, so this is right up my alley! I'm a closet Goth! haha

See ya friends!



Tammy said...

I've got a Tilda book in my wishlist from Amazon, lol! Oh, and I'm a closet goth too--the darker the better! I so wish I had HBO, I'd love to see that series.

Carol R said...

Beautiful invitations Donna - I love the rhinestone accent. And now that your readers all have an invite the happy couple should get a lot of unexpected guests LOL

I am Su's Tildas - they are just gorgeous - good luck with your hunt for a book.

Karol said...

Your invitations look beautiful. Great job!

Michele said...

wow, 140! that's a lot of invites! glad you got them done .. and they look wonderful!

sorry about the football game ... but very glad the band is sounding great!

ohhhhh I might have to check out HBO .. when did it start? I love vampire stuff .. definately a closet goth here too .. love witch stuff too! lol Anne Rice rocks :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

If the band keeps getting better, the team will win very soon.

stitcherw said...

The invitations look wonderful, and your new start is quite cute and colorful. I haven't seen the new one TrueBlood, sure wish I had HBO as I love a good vampire story. Hmmmm, maybe I need to consider adding it. However, not sure I'd be able to make the time and also remember to watch, life is quite hectic lately. Maybe I'll have to catch it if they put it out in DVD. Glad to hear Bony is doing so well, what a hoot he turned out to be a he and not the she you thought. What a cutie.