Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quaker Pics and Pets

Here is what I've got done so far on my Quaker RR. This design has stitched up pretty fast I think! I'm loving the pretty purple I chose.

Bony is growing so quickly and is a love bubble. Every night (seriously!) he hops up on the bed and gets right up in my neck and purrs himself to sleep. Now, let me tell you, he purrs like a freight train. It is so loud that John complains. The vet seems to feel that I'm his surrogate mommy and that's why he had picked me. I tried very hard not to be the one he imprinted on because Jacob wanted to be the one, but, he chose me. He's such a sweet kitty. Very playful and loves to sit with me while I stitch. I normally have Daisy behind me on the couch back, she drapes around my shoulders and Bony on my lap. here lately I don't seem to have alot of free stitching time because they want attention. Poor little dears, they get lonely during the school day I guess.

Well, I'll keep this one short! Have a great evening friends!



Anonymous said...

your quaker is gorgeous and that purple is really nice. boney looks great so cute... my cat likes to try and get on my lap but sometimes i do have to push him to oneside. congrats on the baptism of Jason. I have concidentally started looking into the baptist church..i lost my faith a long time ago and the people that went to my local church were always chatting about each other behind their backs.. but recently i discovered a small course once a week called christianity rediscovered and its really interesting so i will beattneding my first church service in almost 15yrs.. lol still unsure though it takes time.

Anonymous said...

Your quaker piece is looking just beautiful! Your kitty is so cute.

stitcherw said...

Your Quaker piece is looking lovely, the purple blue combination is so pretty. Fun kitty pictures, Bony sure is growing quickly. I end up with stitching helpers a lot also, it makes stitching challenging more often than not.

Tammy said...

Love your quaker piece! The kittys are simply adorable and I LOL'd at your rootbeer float stain. Sorry! :p

Stargazer said...

I can't believe how big your baby is getting!!!!!!I love you! Talk to you soon.
We are going hiking with the girls. JO

Lennu said...

The Quaker piece is looking beautiful! Oh and thanks for sharing the kitty photos, they are so lovely :)

Lili said...

Hi Donna,
It took me ages to come and visit your blog to thank you for the kindest comment you left on my blog after Salem's death. I'm sorry about that.
And very happy I have found your blog with your lovely stitching and adorable fur babies.
I'll be back!

Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG I love the kitty pics!!!