Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dance Pictures and Update on Bony!

Well, to let everyone know how the appeal went, we lost. They said that knitting was a disturbance in the classroom, so Jacob still had to serve his in school suspension. It did not make me happy. I can tell you, that his one teacher lied during the meeting. He was one of the teachers that said Jacob's punishment was unfair. But, when it came time to own up to his statement in front of the principal, he became a coward. Jacob was in the meeting, and I think he was devastated to learn that his mentor, his favorite teacher, could lie and not stand up for what was right. It has been a hard lesson, but he doesn't trust this teacher anymore. I mean, come on, be a man and stand up for your students if you think they are being unfairly convicted. This teacher would not even look us in the face after the appeal meeting.

Plus, they have banned knitting at school because of this. So sad! But, my Jacob is a rebel, he has started a knitting group for teens online and after school if any want to learn at our house. I'm all for it! Plus, we have made a point to let everyone know the outcome of the meeting.

Now, on to Bony! He is doing so good! He has recovered so fast, it's amazing. He is such a love bug.

I also received my Quaker linens from Rowyn. I've got to get busy since I got two of them. I need to get Wendy's in the mail to Valerie. We have been so busy this week with preparations for Tiffany's wedding. I've got to hem Jason's dress pants and iron every ones dress shirts for the wedding.

Well, I'll leave everyone with a big smile and a grin!


ps:By the way, I need to make voodoo dolls of the mean teacher who gave Jacob the suspension! Hahaha! I'm so evil!!!!!!
pps: Jacob is such a camera hound! He models for every picture!
That is Kate, Jacob's friend he gave the wrist corsage too.


Sharon said...

So sorry to hear the appeal didn't go well and even sorrier to hear that Jacob's teacher lacked any principles at all. The new knitting group sounds great!

Kendra said...

What a shame that a good student like your son had to serve out a ridiculous "punishment" like that. Can't have a harmless craft like knitting taking place at any time during school, now can we? Brother.

And it was sad that his teacher didn't stand up for him. I would bet the loss of trust in his teacher will stick with him a lot longer than the suspension.

Cheryl said...

Well that seems so unfair. Shame on that teacher!
Great pictures of your handsome son :)

Barbeeque4 said...

Donna that just BITES!!!!! If you need any good hexing materials there are quite a few really GOOD shops down in the Mission and other disreputable areas that Rico and I can go an collect from - just let me know!!!!! Just so typical of not wanting to rock the boat and snivel into a corner!!!! Boy I am just steaming!!!!!!!! can you tell!!

Have a good weekend anyway!!

Tammy said...

I echo everyone else's sentiments about the teacher. Good news is that your son has more character than any of them. And he's better looking too. How do I know? I just do! His friend is beautiful and Bony is a sweetie. Glad the kitty is recovering well!

stitcherw said...

How frustrating that they didn't have the ability to see how unreasonable they were being. How can they expect kids to act well and get good habits when this is how they are treated. Good for him for not letting it get him down and starting the knitting groups, maybe in the future someone reasonable will be in charge at the school. Glad to hear Bony is doing so well, what a cutie.

Michele said...

That is insane! There are kids that do drugs in school! They should be glad that a student has a constructive hobby to occupy him instead of getting into trouble. I think you should go on Bill O'Reilly! I really do.