Saturday, October 11, 2008

Look what I made! My first biscornu!

It was sent to Goldie! I just checked the SBEBB, and she left a message that she received it! Yea! I know she loves it. I do too! I almost didn't want to send it! But I did!

Poor Bony! I picked him up from the vet this morning. He had surgery yesterday to get neutered and declawed. The only cat that is not declawed is Boo boo Kitty, as he was too old to change his rambling ways when he adopted us.

Bony is quite under the weather right now. I've been carrying him around as much as I can today to give his paws a rest. Poor baby. I'll take pictures later when he gets up.

I've started on Hannah's Halloween rr. I finished Wendy's Quaker RR. That will be going in the mail this week to Valerie.



My son Jacob was given in school suspension for knitting! Yes, you heard me right. Knitting! I have had major support from 3 teachers who say I should fight this, and fight this I will! I think I would rather the teachers be willing to help put the bullies, the violent kids(yes, there are violent kids at our school) the trouble makers in suspension, but NO, they have chosen to make my son Jacob an example. But this Momma don't play this stupid little game! So first thing Monday, Jacob and I and his knitting supplies will be up at the school ready to appeal this suspension.

What makes this silly is that 4 band members already knit during breaks and bus trips. So of course this will put a damper on the kids that wanted me to teach them how to knit too. Jeez! I wish I could afford a private school!

What is this world coming too? They are gonna wish they hadn't messed with me! Jacob is an honor student, top 5% of his class, already has 3 college credits to his name, Allstate Honors Band, Boy Scout who is working on his Eagle Rank, and of course Symphonic Band and Marching Band. Helps build houses for Habitat for Humanity for goodness sake. I refuse to let this school system railroad him into having a permanent record that will follow him to college. This Momma is mad!

Alright Momma, calm down, breathe!

You would not think that this household sees this much drama! But, alas it does! Just think how it would be if there was a girl living here too. I wonder if other teens parents experience all the turmoil too? I don't remember it being like this when I was a teen? maybe it was, I only remember certain parts of the teen years!

At least they are gonna let Jacob go to Homecoming Dance. He will look very handsome, I'll take pictures later tonight of him dressed up snazzy.

Well, I'll give everyone a break from the ramble!



Tanya said...

Donna, Are you kidding me? Suspension for that? Wow - impressive he knits. Way cool! I certainly would contest it too. Keep us updated.


Irene said...

I can't believe the suspension. Let us know what happens.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is so silly it is almost laughable that they would do that. You get some girl!

Vonna said...

First off your Biscornu is gorgeous! I bet Goldie was thrilled TO BITS!

And you fight for Jacob as much as he does and you do for that school - I'd fight to the end!!!!

Tammy said...

Suspension for knitting?? Way to go school---let's put the kid who is quietly creating something and soothing his soul in suspension. What is their reasoning behind that move?? Keep us posted. Beautiful biscornu!

Karol said...

Great finish. Hope things get worked out at the school.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! I didn't have your email addy so I thought I'd post a thank you here! I LOVE my biscornu! It's just too cute and you did a fantastic job with it. Thanks for the JN & LK charts! I'm sure I'll be stitching those too! Enjoy your weekend! You made mine so much better!

stitcherw said...

I can't believe they would do that, with everything that is going on you'd think they'd have more common sense then to do something this stupid to one of the good kids that's not causing any trouble. What a dumb example they are setting when they should be showing what is important and what behavior is acceptable. I hope things go well when you go to the school and everything gets straightend out.

Poor Bony too, hopefully he's feeling better and up and about like normal soon. As to your Biscornu, what a fun piece, it turned out adorable.

Carol R said...

Gorgeous biscornu and it looks as though Wendy's RR will be the first to be finished.

I was thinking about the knitting incident - if one of the violent kids got hold of a needle they could do some damage with it but the teacher/staff could have confiscated the knitting to be collected at the end of the day - suspension is way out of line! You go for it Donna

Cheryl said...

What?? That is crazy!! What is their reason behind it? You should definitely fight it. Go Donna!
Great biscornu :)

Anonymous said...

suspension for knitting how ridicuolous unless he was doing it in class when not supposed to.. but break no way.. i get this all the time bullies get away with everything in our school and i am always complaining but the good kids they dont get praised just forgotton keep up the fight..

Sharon said...

Awesome that your son knits! I hope you can get resolved. What a shame to be suspended for something like that. Your biscornu looks great.