Monday, December 28, 2009

A Simple Prayer...........

Dear Lord,

I don't understand and I am weary with death. I know you must have a plan, because you are God and I don't question you anymore. I just ask that you help your child deal with the sorrow of yet another beloved one's death. I know that Mr. Corley is finally home and no longer in pain. Ray Corley was my parents' best friend. He and Kathleen were like grandparents to me. When I was little, my very first trip to Six Flags was made possible by them. I still remember the excitement of that day. They became a part of my life, graduation, wedding, and births of my children. They were there. And I will miss him. I pray Lord that you help Kathleen Corley and her family deal with such a terrible loss. I love you Mr. Corley, thank you for being such a wonderful example of Christ and for taking the time to help a teenager deal with life!

I also pray Lord that you help Glendon's journey home be swift and filled with peace and not pain. Glendon is Johnny's cousin. He is dying from cancer. I also pray for 2010 to be a better year filled with happiness and not much sorrow.

Love, your child,

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wonderful Memories

Wishing everybody a big hug and smiles! We had a wonderful Christmas, I feel blessed that God allowed us another year together. Thank you Lord. I got to finally see my grand niece Alora. Such a little bundle of joy. I will post pictures as soon as my sister Cathy emails them to me. We forgot the memory card for the camera. Duh! So I'm hoping that my Dad or brother Patrick and Cathy got good pictures. So as soon as I get them, I'll post them.

I got to meet my brother's girlfriend y'all, and I already love her. I swear it felt like I've known her all my life. A kindred spirit as Anne of Green Gables would say. She is so lovely, and her eyes sparkle! She does have two children, I got to meet the little one Terrie, that little guy has already won over my heart. He is 4 years old and the sweetest thing ever! I pray that God will lay his hands over Patrick and Kelly and their love will blossom. I so want my little bro to be happy and have a family too. ( I love you Patrick!)
Jason and Jacob are turning into wonderful young men and I'm blessed that they don't mind spending time with our family. I know it's hard when they could be out with their friends, but I appreciate every time they give me their time. I love you boys.
I've got to get my ornament in the mail on Monday. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm gonna rest after having run solid since Tuesday! I'm tuckered out.
I hope that all who read my words will take the time to hug a loved one today!

Friday, December 25, 2009


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas spent with loved ones and friends. I promised my nephew Jackson that I'd post his picture of Christmas Eve over at Grandmama's house. He got his Transformer Bumblebee and another one I can't guess whats it's name is. Elizabeth got lots of Miley Cyrus clothing, which she loves. Everyone enjoyed opening presents at Grandmama's house.

I will post more later. I finally get to meet my grandniece baby Alora today. I can't wait!
Later my friends!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Jason!

Twenty years ago today, I was blessed with an early Christmas present: Jason! It doesn't seem possible for twenty years to have passed. I was so happy to have you and Daddy and I were ready to become the best parents ever. Infant, toddler and preschool whizzed by way to quickly. Grade school, middle and finally high school. We were so proud of you graduating and I know that life will always continue to throw you curve balls, you just need to remember that Momma and Daddy love you and are always there for you no matter what!
Happy Birthday Jason! We love you!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Loads of news........

Well friends,
Let's just say that I have been busy and have good stitchy news for you. Well, I started working for Terrie, the new cross stitch store in Buford. OMGosh! The stitchy goodness is more than I can wish for. It is gonna be great. Terrie is so nice and kind, I met Kristine on Saturday, she is a hoot! It is gonna be fun working with her! I'll get to see all the new stuff and I'll let y'all know all about it! We do mail orders too! or give us a call at 1-800-598-4614.
I am so behind on shopping. Ugg! I have not finished my shopping yet. Geez. Jacob finally gives me a few ideas that he'd like today. Uh, it December 21st! It's getting slim pickens out there. I did have my niece Katie with me today, so we got what I was able to. I am very tired tonight. I still have to wrap everything yet. Sigh......................
Well friends, off to wrap!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Connie's Home!

Thank you to all who kept Connie in their prayers. Our Connie is now home and resting. Praise the Lord. I'm so glad that she is doing better. I know she is glad to be home. They let my nephew come home from Kuwait for an emergency visit since Connie had to have open heart surgery. I'm not sure how long he will be home. Need to call tonight to find out.
We got our tree put up. I'm happy with it, now it just needs Santa to put presents under the tree. I've got to get 25 mini polar bear pompom kits made up. Tomorrow I am teaching Ms. Garren's class about eating healthy and I'm excited for the kids. They have been anxiously waiting for Friday. Every day this week, her class asks me, is it time yet? These little bunnies are in the first grade. So finally the day has almost come for them.
Thank you Edgar! It was so thoughtful of you to send me a tin of yummys. Let's just say that they all are just about gone. :)
And a big thank you to Amy for my stocking. It is beautiful. I want to have a mini tree next year for all my cross stitch ornies. Thank you all! I have found that stitchers are the best friends out there!

Hugs my friends,

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Major Prayers Needed!!!!!!

Goodness friends, the Bennett family needs your prayers again. Late last night, we all rushed to Saint Joseph's Hospital because Johnny's other sister Connie had to have emergency open heart surgery. I know it scared the pants off Johnny, because as soon as he got home we took off to the hospital. I've known Connie longer than Johnny and I would be devastated if that girl was gone from my life. She introduced me to her brother, and here we are 24 years later. She is 2 years older than me friends.
Ladies, please, please, please do not under estimate your heart if you have any chest discomfort or heartburn at all. Connie is in CCIU and I'm blessed that she is a fighter. We did get to see her for about 10 minutes today and I went home and cried with relief that she made it thru the surgery. We still have a couple of days of keeping our fingers crossed that she continues to get better and her new double by-pass will work. Bless her heart, all she could think about was getting presents for her family! I told Charles(her hubby) to call on us for help. I hope that he does, family means everything to me!
I got a sneak peek at the new cross stitch shop, Terrie I love the pink walls! I can't wait! We have to wait on the fire marshal before we can get in there and start setting up. It's so exciting!
Well friends, I've got to get my tree decorated, I'm having a little get together tomorrow for my family unless things don't go well with Connie tonight. Keep praying for her please!
Hugs and well wishes!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Hero Kyle!

Friends, I'd like to introduce to you my other son, Kyle. This young man is one of Jacob's best friends. I love him and his momma Linda is such a close friend of mine. Kyle decided to donate his hair to Locks for Love, and Jacob and his motley crew of friends came to watch the main event. Jacob is on the newspaper staff and he took pictures and wrote an article in the paper for the high school. Momma Bennett had to hold his hand while he got his hair cut. They were able to get 4 ponytails that were 10" long. Hopefully this will make someone very happy to have a real hairdo while they are receiving chemo. I just love these kids! They are very caring and so considerate of others. Both Jacob and Kyle received the Falcon Award yesterday in a honors ceremony for gifted students. Yea Jacob and Kyle!
Hugs my friends,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wahoo! Jason passed his drivers test!

Even in the pouring rain! He's one proud dude! I know y'all are thinking, hey isn't he older? Yes, he is 19, gonna be 20 soon. But I didn't mind him not driving, I was fearful for him, a couple of years ago my friends son was killed at 17 in a car crash. He'd only had his license a few months, well that event made me not push for Jason to get his license. I know I put my fears on him, but I'm glad he waited. Being older and wiser has made a better and more careful driver. Yea! Congrats to my son! Now, I can send Jason to pick Jacob up from school now! (sneaky laugh)
Hoping everyone is having a wonderful day!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Alora!

I sure wish that Aaryn and Kyle would move down here. It's hard not being able to hold her little sweetpea! These latest pictures show just how cute she is. Aaryn looks so happy holding her. We get to see them during the week of Christmas. What an awesome gift for my sis Cathy, getting to be a grandma looks like fun.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we cooked two turkeys. Johnny smoked one in the smoker and I baked one in the oven. I do believe that the smoked turkey was the best of the two. That carcass was picked to the bone. hahaha

I so enjoy having my family over for any occasion. Our annual Christmas party is coming up, I do throw fabulous parties.

I've got my special Christmas Exchange ready to mail! I'm very excited about the present I'm sending. I hope it makes a special person happy!
Hugs for now!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Look at my Wooly Bear!

Here's Jason all decked out for the funeral. I bought him this hat yesterday at Kohl's, he seemed pulled by some magical force to the hat isle. He has always liked hats, and of course his Momma had to buy it for him. That's what Mommas do best.

The memorial service was very nice and Shirley's church provided the family supper after the service. Thank you to Pastor Danny and White Oak Baptist Church.

I plan to stitch later this evening or rest if possible. I've got to get my Christmas Exchange ready to mail, so I'll be busy with that for a few days.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week. I've got to get the house ready and plan my baking list for Wednesday.

A big hug goes out to everyone today!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Memorial Service.......

Is scheduled for Saturday to honor April's life. April leaves behind a daughter and a son who were the light of her life. MS is such a terrible disease that robs a family of their mother, a daughter and friend. April was only diagnosed 5 years ago and she fought a long hard battle that ultimately claimed her life. Please continue to keep the Bennett family in your prayers while we mourn the loss of yet another family member.
A heartfelt thank you to all who have sent prayers and comfort, it has made each day a little less sad for me.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sad news...........

John's sister April passed away, so I will be absent for a day or so. Keep his family in your prayers.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Proud Moment

Look at this! You can't tell, but it was raining and the wind was blowing. This is our parent/senior picture that we had made on Senior night. They photo shopped us! Both John and Jacob's freckles are missing. hahaha
(I look liked a bloated tick!)
How do you like my new outfit? I haven't bought myself any new clothes in a long time, so for this occasion I decided I wanted a stylish outfit. $ 130
bucks later, this is what I got. I love my new jeans, they have sparkles on them! Wahooo!

We were soaked when we were through. After pictures, seniors could leave early if they wanted too, so a couple of us parents headed out to eat. We had a great time once we were inside and warmed up. We ate at El Jinete, a new mexican restrauant, I picked the shrimp burrito! OMGosh! It was amazing. I've found a new place to eat! hmmm

Can't show any stitchy pictures just yet, waiting on a exchange to show up to show what I made. Cool beans for her though! Y'all will love it!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank you Friends!

Thank you all for the super sweet comments! Makes one feel good about one's self. I can't get over how quickly the holidays are coming. I host Thanksgiving this year and I'm getting excited. I cherish all the times that my family can get together. I need to get myself busy, I've got to clean the house top to bottom. Christmas will be here before we know it!

Well friends, I'm really tired tonight, so we will call it a night!



Sunday, November 8, 2009

My new toy!

Johnny went ahead and gave me an early Christmas/anniversary present! A laptop! Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah! I'm trying to get used to the arrow movement with my fingers. I most likely will get a mouse to go with it. It takes me forever to move around on the web without the mouse! We did go out to eat on Saturday. I skipped GA Tech Band Day to spend time with my honey. ( See I really do like you better than the band!) It's time to start letting go of all the responsibilities that I need to teach to the ones taking my place next year. It's almost too hard letting go. I have lived and breathed band for 4 years now. I need band like a drug. The kids are gonna be the most thing that I will miss. Sigh. :(

Our last game will be Friday, unless we win and then we go to playoffs. It's up in the air as to whether we will win or not. We are playing Woodstock so time will tell.

I've been letting my hair grow long. It takes forever with me. It's been 4 years not getting my hair cut. I normally wear it up in a bun due to the school kitchen, so on the weekend I'm trying to remember to wear it down. What do ya think? Up or down? Check out hubba hubba picture and my newest picture and let me know.

Well friends, I guess I'll let you go, I need to get myself ready for bed soon. One more thing....please say a quick prayer for my baby sis, her beloved doggy passed away, and she is devastated. When we love, it is without abandon and we love forever! Especially our pets. Love you JuJu!

Hugs my friends,


To my love of my life!

Happy Anniversary Johnny! I love you with every breath of my body. I do know that this last year has been hard for us, but, I want you to know that I do love you and band is almost over honey. After 4 years, yCheck Spellingou have hung in there and I thank you for letting me be me. The band kids thank you and I thank you!
Look how young we were!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Picture Heavy Post

Whoosh! That is how this past 10 days has been. Getting ready for Senior Night, Halloween and just everyday living has been super crazy around this household. Senior night was very hard for me, that's the night when the parents get to escort their child around the football track. As soon as our pictures come in, I'll post one. They had a photographer there to take professional pictures. The moms got a corsage pinned on them, while they walked their son or daughter down, the announcer talked about your child. I did very good friends, I didn't cry till I made it to the bathroom after the parents went to the football stands. I'm already sad that this band season is coming to an end. Give me courage friends, the year creeps closer to an end and then I know the last 5 months will fly by. Sigh..sniff.....snifff..............

Halloween practice was lots of fun, Jacob and I spent the night before sewing his bear costume, he and one of his best buds went as Banjo Koozie? He was the bear, Wes was the bird. Apparently in the video game, Banjo carries Koozie on his back, well, let me tell you what, at the Halloween practice those two boys were a hoot. Jacob carried Wes around while they marched and practiced. Jacob was very sore the next day.

I have a picture of sweet baby Alora! She is doing much better as of today. I keep my fingers crossed that she continues to thrive and get better.

I had to stay late today, I'm the nutrition leader for our school, and each month one of the girls has to put up a bulletin board as part of their incentive bonus check that they get during the summer. Well, Chantel did not get her board up on Friday, and she was absent today, so I had to get up the board. I had to come up with a theme and get the board up. I was abit perturbed, because I hadn't planned on having to do the board. Each month has a theme that has to be up in place by the first of each month, so I had to scramble to come up with a plan. The girls pick which month they want to do, well, I can tell you this, this does not get her off from having to do a board, she will have to do one later this year.
Well, Dancing with the Stars comes on tonight, I must hurry as I like watching and I vote for my star that I want to win "Kelly Osborne" Ozzy's daughter. She can dance, so I like to cast my vote for her! Off for the boob tube!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sock Monkey Time!

I love Sock Monkey! I don't know why, it's just something about Sock Monkey that makes me happy. my baby sis treated me to a Barrel of Sock Monkeys! They are dressed up in Halloween costumes, I have them hanging from our little orange tree in our bay window. I just love the little sign that I found to go with them. Thank you Judy! I do love them!

Look at my new shoes! They are so crazy, I love them. They are Mary Janes Retro Cool Cats! I can't wait till my mom sees them.

Weekend is almost here and we have our very last competition that Jacob will perform in. We are coming up on the last couple of games, and I'm already getting sad about not having the band kids to look after. I love those kids. But I know John's ready to get his wife back, it's been a long 4 years for him. to me, they have whizzed by.

I've started Ulla's RR, I'm stitching a design from Blackbird Designs ( I love their patterns!)

Plus I'm getting ready to mail my Christmas Ornie exchange, plus working on gathering goodies for my Stitching Blogger Birthday partner! So no pictures just yet.

Well, it's midnight again and I must attempt to go to sleep. It's gonna be hard at work tomorrow!



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homecoming Dance

Well, my weekend was pretty much laid back and lazy! I love these kind of weekends. Homecoming was this weekend for Dacula, I'm glad that Jacob had such a great time. He's making memories that will follow him thru life. Look at how gorgeous Morgan is, Jacob and Morgan look so cute together.

Tonight's post will be short, I'm so sleepy, and it's only 8:40pm. I got my Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow from Terrie. (The Dogwood Patch- soon to be The Stitch Store! ) I'm gonna start to pull flosses for this awesome project.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here's a Hot Dog for You!

Hi Friends,

This was me today at work. It's National School Lunch Week, and since I'm a cashier on the line, I said I wouldn't mind wearing the costume. It was fun, but that costume was hot! We had hot dogs for lunch, and the kids were thrilled. I was the hot dog lady! hahahaha (horrible picture)

I had to go to the dentist the other day, 5 cavities! Argh! Apparently some of my medications for RA reduce the amount of saliva I make, so I am more prone to cavities. Good grief!

No stitchy pictures due to exchange stitching. I have finished my stitching, now I need to assemble my exchange piece. I'm sure my exchange partner will like it! I liked it so much I stitched 3 of them!

Well, I need to go pick Jacob up from NEHS meeting. I tell you what, he's very smart and popular, which makes for lots of extra trips to pick him up.

Hope everyone is having an awesome day, it's still raining here and getting chilly! I'm gonna have to get my fall and winter clothes down from the attic. Brrr!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Whirlwind Week-Big News

Hi Friends,

Busy, busy, busy! Val, your RR is heading home! It is finished and it's almost home! I know you said not to iron it, so sorry friends, the linen is a little wrinkly. It's beautiful, and those silks are like butter. So nice to stitch with. So, I'm doing the happy dance that this one is finished! I'm working on Ulla's Spooky RR now, this will be a quick stitch, and my goal is to get it finished this weekend. We have a 4 day holiday, and I have already swept and polished the wood floors and dusted, so I won't feel guilty about my stitchy weekend!

NOW FOR THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!! Through the web, I have met Terrie, who has a cross stitch shop in Hiawassee, Ga. I have ordered from her, and I felt a kindred spirit in her. I've only ever emailed her and I like her! I'm thrilled that she is moving her cross stitch shop to Buford (Mall of GA), which is very near to me. I am gonna help out at her new shop! I'm so thrilled. She closes her shop in the mountains on Nov.30, 2009, and she is opening her new shop on Jan.4Th, 2010. I can't wait, just think friends, if you call the shop to order something, you just might get DaisyGirl! I'm so happy to help Terrie out. You know what, I know God has a plan for me, because he knew that Jacob graduating from high school and going off to college would have me lost and needing something to do. And, blessings abound, I met Terrie and now I won't have to worry about being sad and lonesome. (I will have Jason to look after, but he's almost 20 and he doesn't let me baby him.)
So friends, check out The Stitch Store for your cross stitching needs and wants, and maybe I'll be the one who packages it up for you! WHOOPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I'm really trying to contain myself! hahahaha)
One more thing, this last picture is of Jacob and I at his Induction of the National English Honor Society! That boy sure makes me proud! That's Morgan, his date for Homecoming. He really likes her! (We ordered her corsage, and he wanted to have 4 roses for her!)
Alrighty friends, I do believe that I've talked your ears off!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Is Here!

Friday has finally loomed in Dacula! After all the rain and gloom, I'm happy to say that we have had no rain these past 2 days. We were fortunate that we only had our roof leak a tiny bit around the fireplace. Johnny says that shouldn't be to difficult to fix. Where as his sister's house did flood out in the bottom level. Her carpet is ruined, haven't really heard the total damage yet.

Jacob has been sick with the flu. I'm hoping that nobody else in the house gets sick. Remember last weekend I told you all about Jacob going to visit Berry college? Well, all three of the boys got sick with the flu. Jacob has spent the past 4 days very sick with a fever for 3 days, today he is finally feeling better. Thank you Lord!

Even my kitties have been under the weather. Daisy has had an upset tummy and Butters is driving me crazy, I just wished he could tell me what he wants. I have to scoop that box every time , he will not use it if there's a speck of anything in there. I normally scoop twice a day anyway, but he is terribly picky about his bathroom business! It's really funny, but can be annoying also.

Tomorrow I've got to make brownies for my Daddy for his birthday. My Daddy loves chocolate! We are going over to Momma and Daddy's on Sunday to celebrate his birthday. We will also celebrate my niece Caroline's b-day. It will be a fun day for all!
Have a great weekend my friends!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Unexpected day off!

Georgia is under a flood warning and Gwinnett county schools closed earlier today. John went up to the high school to pick up Jacob and his friend Matthew and took Matt home and then came home and we have been watching the news and weather all day. Please keep GA in your thoughts and prayers. We have already had two deaths due to the flooding. My nephew is a cop and he was on the news earlier today, he was called in on the death of a female in Lawrenceville, her van got swept away in the flood. I've never seen this type of rain and flooding in our area. Its unnerving, it is still raining.
On to stitchy news, this is the mini stocking that I stitched for Julianne in our Christmas ornie group. These are the cutest and easiest little stockings to make. I love them! Here is also the devils horn area on the Quaker RR for Val! Almost there! and finally, I received my ornament magazine in the mail! I plan to look at it later tonight during Dancing With the Stars! I love that show! (My hubby hates it!) hehehehe
Other than that, it's been a slow day at home, gonna start supper in a few minutes. Hamburgers and hot dogs on the George Foreman grill, I like that grill, very easy to use.
Hoping everyone has a great Monday!
Swimming in Dacula,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another week flies by!

Where does the time go? Another week has just zoomed by again! We won our football game, had our all night sleepover for the band kids, tried to pass a kidney stone(no luck with that!) Why is it the busier I become, the more my body falls apart? I can't win, but hey, at least it happened on the weekend and hope that I will make it in to work tomorrow.
News about my Jacob: My son is being inducted in to the National English Honor Society! Wahoo! Another honor cord for my baby when he graduates! I am very proud of him. He went and visited Berry College on Saturday with a couple of his best friends. We will visit as many colleges as we can in the next few months. Plus all the applications to fill out. This will be an exciting time for Jacob. We have a college fair this Thursday night, so hope that proves us a chance to see and learn about other colleges.
No pictures tonight, but I did get the devils horns on Val's RR finished! Yea for that. Hang in there Val, I'm trying to finish your RR this week!
Wishing everyone a great week!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A couple Pics of Jacob!

I know, I know, I just can't stand it! I had to show off my son. But hey, isn't that what good Mommas are suppose to do? Now if only Jason would allow me better picture taking opportunities of him. I'll have to do sneak attacks if I want any pictures of him.
I am so bummed, I've been reading about everyone else getting the ornament issue and I haven't gotten mine yet. Hurry up Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue!
Quick post, I've got to stitch tonight!