Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy News

Well, the mammogram wasn't that bad after all. I do have a lump, but they tell me it's not a bad kind. It is a cystic kind, that I guess will either go away or doesn't cause problems. They did tell me to make sure I have a mammogram every year now since I did have a lump. I have lumpy boobs! hahaha
I sure feel better now, and I want to thank my brother Patrick for putting me on his church prayer list. I received lots of prayers and emails from members of his church. Thanks to all who commented and wished me well. The doctor who was there said that I probably had a cold in my left breast, since it apparently had some inflammation in the tissue. I never had heard of that, but hey, at least I'm ok.
Tomorrow is my tea party. I just got back from Publix with all kinds of tasty goodies to eat. Now I just need to clean up the kitchen and decorate alittle. I think I'm gonna go and get started.
Hoping everyone has a great weekend! Mine will be!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a day!

It seemed like forever, but finally Friday will be here. I hesitate to jinx myself, but here goes nothing. A couple of weeks ago, a lump was detected in my left breast, so off to the doctor I went. He felt it and said, let's do a mammogram and ultrasound. OK I said, lets do it. Well, I've had to wait 3 weeks just to get an appointment. Well friends, this has been a long 3 weeks for me and I hate waiting!
So cross your fingers that it's nothing to worry about. I've never had a mammogram yet. My boobs are gonna get mushed and squashed! Yikes!
Our spring trip to Disney is just around the corner. I've spent the past couple of days fitting and getting the uniforms ready for the trip! The band will get to march down to the castle in a parade. I'm very excited about it.
Concerning stitching, I've been alittle scatter brained and haven't stitched much. I did get my PS exchange finished and in the mail. I'm working on my Halloween RR. I missed the due date on that one, hoping to finish it this weekend and get it in the mail to Ulla. (Sorry Ulla!)
My tea party is rescheduled for this Saturday and I'm happy that I'm feeling better.
Good news came yesterday, my niece is pregnant and found out that she is having a girl! Yea for a girl! They are so much fun to shop for!
Well, I'm off to stitch alittle!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A nasty bug strikes..............

I had to change my Tea Party till next weekend. I am sick with some kind of stinky bug. I had hoped I could overcome being sick, but alas, my body would not cooperate with me. After talking with my sister, we decided it would be better to give me another week to get better. I do not want to get my Moma sick or Judy, she's just gotten over being sick. So we will reschedule for next week!
As Edgar says same bat time , same bat channel! (hahaha) I just love that!
I have pretty much slept the whole day. My hubby says I sleep more than 3 people. I normally sleep at least 10 hours a day. If I take a nap then that number increases! Ah sleep!
So I'm off to go lounge on the couch and rest! Hoping everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Change again!

Carol informed me that my sides on the blog template was moving, well, I can't have that! I didn't know that it was doing that, so I changed again! As they say, change is good! So we will see if I like this color.
I'd like the cool template designs, but I also don't want my friends getting a headache when they view my blog! As I'm not a computer savvy person yet, I'll have to look into trying to make my own template.
My Valentine Tea Party is this weekend and I am excited to have my Mom and my sisters and nieces show up for tea and goodies!
I'm working on a little craft project for them, so I can't show any pictures because I know my sis reads my blog. I can't wait!
Well, I'm gonna get busy crafting. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hoping everyone has had a sweet Valentine Day! John got me a mini rose plant! (Let' hope I don't kill it!) I'm able to maintain African violets. Those are my lucky plants!

We went over to my Momma's house where we cooked out on the grill! Steaks and baked potatoes, plus I baked a very yummy cake with pink icing!

Thanks to my brother for inviting us over! I love you bro!

I've finished my PS exchange, so that will go in the mail on Monday, no pictures until I know my exchange partner gets it in the mail.

I can't believe that we are half way thru February! Jacob and I leave for Disney in 4 weeks! The band will be marching in the parade at Disney! I am excited because I've never been and I love Winnie the Pooh! Plus Tinkerbell! Count down to Disney!

The weather here in GA has been so spring like! I hope it stays that way.

Well, I'm off to stitch, I've got 2 RR's to work on! I'm gonna try to get Terri's Halloween RR done this week! Then I'll work on Carol's Quaker RR!

Happy Day and Big Hugs and kisses to all my friends!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Hurray for Friday!

I'm so ready for Friday. It has been a hectic week. I swear, the kids at school have been wired up. Just today I had 2 kids try to steal food. It makes me furious, because most likely these kids are not being raised right. I can't believe a 2nd grader would steal. What is this world coming too?
I'm finished with Edgar's Quaker RR, and it goes in the mail tomorrow! Yeah! Start watching Carol!
I'm just about finished with my PS exchange, just have to add initials and assemble the piece. then that will be going in the mail next week.
I'm still unable to post pictures, John's gonna reroute something so I can add pictures. You can tell that I really don't know much about the computer.
I'm gonna go relax!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quick Update......

We lost our main computer due to a nasty bug of some sort. And, horrors all my pictures were on that computer. So Terry, I'm sorry I will attempt to take new pictures and try to load them on our second computer. I finally was able to persuade my hubby that the boys needed their own computers in their rooms. Yea to John for buying the boys new computers. We got Jacob a laptop, and Jason a desktop. They got to choose which one they wanted. Also AT&T will be setting up a wireless network by Friday so the boys will have Internet in their own rooms! I'm so excited about that most of all. To be able to sit in my living room, in front of the fire and cross stitch in peace and quiet! No more music, or gaming to listen too. I can't wait!
I have been working on finishing Edgar's Quaker RR. It should be finished tomorrow, and then I will send it on to Carol. I'll be glad to get his in the mail. I think I got behind, but I ended up having Edgar's and Rowyn's RR's at the same time. Whew! I got to hurry!
I'm also working on my PS exchange. I've been ebaying quite abit here lately to stock up on numerous designs for the year long PS exchange. I just won Rabbit Folk for 99 cents! Wahoo!
I'm gonna look again tonight before I go to bed!
Hoping everyone is having a great weekend.