Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a day!

It seemed like forever, but finally Friday will be here. I hesitate to jinx myself, but here goes nothing. A couple of weeks ago, a lump was detected in my left breast, so off to the doctor I went. He felt it and said, let's do a mammogram and ultrasound. OK I said, lets do it. Well, I've had to wait 3 weeks just to get an appointment. Well friends, this has been a long 3 weeks for me and I hate waiting!
So cross your fingers that it's nothing to worry about. I've never had a mammogram yet. My boobs are gonna get mushed and squashed! Yikes!
Our spring trip to Disney is just around the corner. I've spent the past couple of days fitting and getting the uniforms ready for the trip! The band will get to march down to the castle in a parade. I'm very excited about it.
Concerning stitching, I've been alittle scatter brained and haven't stitched much. I did get my PS exchange finished and in the mail. I'm working on my Halloween RR. I missed the due date on that one, hoping to finish it this weekend and get it in the mail to Ulla. (Sorry Ulla!)
My tea party is rescheduled for this Saturday and I'm happy that I'm feeling better.
Good news came yesterday, my niece is pregnant and found out that she is having a girl! Yea for a girl! They are so much fun to shop for!
Well, I'm off to stitch alittle!


Kim B said...

I will be praying that your mammogram goes well. :)

A baby girl! Yea! We are so delighted to have welcomed a little girl - there's so much more fun stuff for them than for boys!

valerie said...

Good luck on your test!

stitcherw said...

Hopefully you're feeling better now from when you were ill in your last post. There sure seems to be a lot of stuff going around now. Good luck with the mammogram, while certainly not fun the ones I've had haven't been that bad. I'll be praying that everything turns out fine for you. Congrats too on the baby news, what fun to look forward to for your niece and the rest of the family.

Rowyn said...

Good luck Donna. Waiting for results is awful. I hope it is nothing, but even if it is... don't panic! My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, but they dealt to it very quickly and she is fine now.

All the very best!

anna said...

How funny to read this now, I am just back from the doc and I have to take an appointment for mammography myself!
I'll cross fingers for you... I am sure it is nothing! hugs - anna

Cheryl said...

That is a long wait, which must have been hard, will be praying that all is ok.
Congrats to your niece-girl clothes sure are cuter LOL

Heidi said...

I will be praying all goes well with your mammogram.

Congrats on the baby being a girl! They are so much fun1

CindyMae said...

I will be praying for you! Just remember that it could be something but it could be nothing! I have a lump in my breast that has been there for about 12 years now and no one is even sure why it is there but it is not a bad thing. My step-mom gets lumps all the time and it is because of drinking to much caffeine! Please let us know how it all comes out!!

Cindy F. said...

So glad you're getting a mammogram!
Just ask the person doing it to go easy...sometimes they actually listen:) I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers:) Best wishes for good results!
Congrats to your niece and Disney with the band sounds awesome! Can't wait to see pics!